EUSPA is mobilizing the EU Space innovation community that can provide technological solutions to enhance humanitarian support for the Ukrainian people. This platform aims to match the innovators with NGOs and other helpers through #EUSpace4Ukraine Network.

#EUSpace4Ukraine Network

The network brings together space innovators and application developers with NGOs and helpers.

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Space Solutions

Applications and solutions that leverage freely accessible data by Galileo and Copernicus to support NGOs and other helpers.


NGOs and other helpers are providing humanitarian support to the Ukrainian people.

Data Providers

Providers offer geospatial data relevant for both application developers and NGOs.

#EUSpace4Ukraine Demonstrators

The demonstrators illustrate how innovations and EU Space Programmes can elevate humanitarian aid for Ukraine into practice.

Want to be part of our network? Email us!

War impact on Ukranian agriculture using Copernicus

Agriculture companies, farmers, development banks, insurance companies, and others.

Galileo-powered drones for search-and-rescue ops

Red Cross Ukraine: EGNSS-enabled drones for rapid and safe Search & Rescue (SAR) operations.

Copernicus map application for fieldwork navigation

Red Cross Ukraine: tool that provides up-to-date maps derived from satellite data to facilitate on-the-ground logistics for humanitarian aid operations

12 April 2022
Launch: Open call for interest for other technological solutions as well as NGOs/helpers
17 May 2022
Matchmaking: Connected NGOs/helpers & innovators/app developers working on EU Space based projects
29 June - 01 July 2022
#EUSpace4Ukraine Hackathon that developed new solutions
3 - 4 October 2022
User Consultation Platform 2022: Emergency Management and Humanitarian Aid
November 2022 - November 2023 (current activity)
#EUSpace4Ukraine Demonstrator follow-up to validate solutions in NGOs operational environment
2 February 2023
EUSpace4Ukraine Demonstrator for Humanitarian NGOs - Online Workshop. See the workshop summary here.