Copernicus Biodiversity in Coastal Ecosystems Workshop

Copernicus Biodiversity in Coastal Ecosystems Workshop

11-12 October 2022


As the interface between land and sea, coastal zones are home to complex ecosystems, providing nesting grounds for species such as marine birds and turtles, nursery grounds and shelter for marine life on the seaside. At the same time, as home to an even larger proportion of the human population, coastal zones are key to a plethora of economic activities. The equilibrium between the need for economic development and the need to protect the environment often holds by a fine thread.

The Copernicus Biodiversity in Coastal Ecosystems Workshop will illustrate what Copernicus can offer in relation to biodiversity and coastal ecosystems, and their protection. Numerous products are available across several Copernicus services  to describe and monitor various elements related to it, including the effects of climate change, the main driver of global biodiversity loss.

The workshop will review the existing assets that Copernicus services can deploy to address biodiversity in coastal zones, inland, and at sea. The online event will be split in four sessions to discuss user needs, learn from existing experiences, examine what the Sentinels and new EO opportunities could bring, identify which mature areas of science coupled with digital technologies could transition to sustained services, and what industry and business could offer. This will contribute to consolidating the existing coastal roadmap with a new set of products and eventually existing products revisited for biodiversity monitoring and forecasting.


Session 1:

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Session 4:

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