EGNOS Payment LIability Critical applications for Users in Road insurancE

Background & Objectives


EGNOS is the European SBAS and provides corrections and integrity information to GPS L1 C/A civilian signals for positioning and navigation applications over Europe. In particular, integrity information is provided as part of the EGNOS Safety of Life (SoL) service to meet the demands of safety-critical applications in the civil aviation sector (e.g. landing procedures) requiring enhanced and guaranteed performance to GPS standalone positioning solutions. The next generation of EGNOS, EGNOS V3, will augment GPS and Galileo constellations in the L1 and L5 bands and will extend the service area to the entire landmasses of EU member states.

The European Commission is defining the long-term evolutions of the EGNOS programme beyond EGNOS V3, including new services or uses of EGNOS. One potential evolution could lead to the provision of an EGNOS service tailored to liability and payment-critical application users and specifically to Pay As You Drive (PAYD) and Pay How You Drive (PHYD) applications. 

Project objectives

The added value of EGNOS Open Service (OS) and EGNOS Data Access Service (EDAS) with respect to GPS is in the capability to provide enhanced accuracy and availability, independently from the proprietary/specific GNSS receivers’ technology. 

Nowadays, there are products and solutions already available in the market benefiting from EGNOS OS and EDAS and providing:

  • Position accuracy enhanced with respect to the GPS positioning solution;
  • Increased reliability of the position through a specific level of confidence associated to the measured position, calculated by using the EGNOS delivered corrections and suitably customised for the road application, being a useful information of the relevant correctness especially in the case of potentially unfavourable environments.
  • Time to first fix (TTFF) reduction, thanks to the retrieval of the GPS navigation message from EDAS, avoiding the need to wait for full reception of the GPS ephemerides by the GNSS receiver.

These solutions are currently limited, considering that there is no commitment offered by EGNOS service provider related to the use of EGNOS Safety Of Life (SOL) messages in other contexts than aviation. It is therefore an objective of EPICURE to define:

  • An integrity concept customised to road insurance applications, in particular considering the various constrained environments applicable to these applications (e.g. urban environments).
  • An EGNOS service which will efficiently support these applications, providing the necessary commitments on EGNOS messages used in such an integrity concept.
Market application: 
Hélène Delfour Cormier
Thales Alenia Space - France
26 Avenue Jean François Champollion
31100 Toulouse
GSA Project Officer: 
Silvia Porfili - Silvia.PORFILI@gsa.europa.eu
European Commission Project Manager : 
Total Cost: 
370 000 €
Project Call: 
H2020 EGNSS Mission & Services
Contract Number: 
Call for Tenders No GROW/2019/OP/0003

Work performed & results

Expected impact

Recent European studies identified the road sector among the most promising for EGNOS where the generated benefits were extensively proven particularly for the so labelled “liability and payment-critical” applications. In such applications, where there is a charging or payment linked to a service contract which depends on the position information, relevant undetected non-availability or large errors can result into significant legal or economic consequences for the final users or the application provider. For example, road insurance telematics applications, such as pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) and pay-how-you-drive (PHYD) insurances today widely adopted, are based on the position information measured through a device installed on board of the vehicle (OBU). In presently operational insurance telematics solutions, the devices are largely based on the use of satellite navigation (GNSS) technologies integrated with additional sensors such as inertial sensors (gyroscopes and accelerometer) or odometer.

In EPICURE project, an integrity concept customised to road insurance applications will be developed associated to a new EGNOS service definition for road users, which will maximise the benefits for the users of these applications. 

Furthermore, although EPICURE is focused on PAYD and PHYD applications, the possible links with other labelled “payment critical applications” PCA such as road user charging (RUC), and the relevance of present trends of the road market will also be addressed.


The results will be added at a later stage. 

Disclaimer: The project results represent the views of the consortium. They do not necessarily represent the views of the European Commission and they do not commit the Commission to implementing the results.

University Gustave Eiffel
Thales Alenia Space - France

Updated: Oct 13, 2020