GNSS Market Report

GNSS Market Report

The GNSS market report is a comprehensive source of knowledge and information on the dynamic, global GNSS market. The report is published every two years, with the latest edition released in 2019. Prior editions were published in 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010.

The report provides in-depth analysis of global trends and the latest developments in terms of shipments, revenues and the installed base of GNSS devices and applications in key GNSS market segments – both mass market and professional. The ten segments covered are: Consumer Solutions, Road, Manned Aviation, Drones, Maritime, Emergency Response, Rail, Agriculture, Geomatics and Critical Infrastructure.

The report is free and can be downloaded here. Issue 5 of the GNSS Market Report has been downloaded over 60 000 times since it was first published online in May 2017 and has proved to be an essential tool for all market players, from research institutions and industry to the various user communities, providing them with a comprehensive overview of the current status and future trends on the GNSS market.

Methodology and sources of information

The GSA`s (now EUSPA) GNSS market model uses advanced forecasting techniques applied to a wide range of input data, assumptions and scenarios to forecast the size of the GNSS market in terms of shipments, revenue and installed base of receivers.

The forecast methodology is bespoke for each application and depends on the availability of input data. For some applications, detailed data on the number of devices shipped or value of the market are available, others rely on the number of devices in the installed base, while others still use the number of potential users as a starting point. Key input assumptions are collected to help inform the penetration of GNSS, the average lifetime of a device, device prices, and GNSS augmentation and added-value service revenues as well as GNSS-dependent revenues per device. Input assumptions and outputs are validated with industry experts to ensure emerging trends are captured as soon as they are identified.

Where possible, historical values are anchored to actual data in order to ensure a high level of accuracy. Application-level model results are cross-checked against the most recent market research reports from independent sources before being validated through an iterative consultation process with European and international sector experts and stakeholders.

To download previous editions of the GSA (now EUSPA) GNSS Market Report, click here.

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Updated: Jun 09, 2021