E-GNSS User Assembly 2019

The E-GNSS User Assembly 2019 aimed at facilitating exchange between users of position, navigation and time solutions and the organizations and institutions involved in the management, service provision and security of Galileo and EGNOS between editions of the biennial User Consultation Platform (previous one in 2018 and next one in 20201).

The session welcomed representatives of user associations (such as standardisation bodies and industry groups), regulatory bodies, and members of the value chain such as receiver and chipset manufacturers and application developers who, with their developments, influence the technologies used in the solutions.

During The E-GNSS User Assembly the GSA presented:

an update on the User needs and Requirements,

the results of User satisfaction survey,

highlights from the latest GNSS Market Report 2019, and

E-GNSS – Galileo 2nd generation.

Moreover, keynote speakers representing each market segment and receiver manufacturers were invited to share the latest trends and applications on consumer solutions, road, aviation, drones, maritime, emergency response, rail, agriculture, geomatics, critical infrastructure and spacecraft.

Keynote's presentations

Market segment keynote Consumer solutions & IoT

Using GNSS in agriculture

GNSS Drone Needs

GNSS in Maritime

View of the Emergency response/SAR beacons manufacturer on Galileo

ERTMS implementation plan in Italy

Apportionment of GNSS in Automated Driving and integrity requirements for road safety critical applications

GEOMATICS – Needs, markets, technology, applications, vision

Galileo-based timing receiver for critical infrastructures: the GIANO project
  • 1. The User Consultation Platform (UCP) is a biennial initiative organised by the GSA. In the years when the UCP is not due, like in 2019, GSA organises a smaller E-GNSS User Assembly in order to maintain exchange between E-GNSS users, organizations and institutions.
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Updated: May 23, 2021