User Consultation Platform 2022 (UCP)



The annual EUSPA User Consultation Platform (UCP) is a space where users from a range of market segments present their needs and requirements and help shape the evolution of the EU Space Programme and its services. New entry for the 2022 edition, the UCP included other Copernicus users in addition to the classic EGNSS and GOVSATCOM Governmental Satellite Communications ones.

This year users from 7 different market segments meet to discuss their needs for applications relying on Location, Navigation, Timing and Earth Observation. 

The Consultation is engaging with user communities, industries, service providers and R&D, bringing together expertise and insights from different applications, sharing experiences, and strengthening a EU network of innovators that can strive only by working together. Most of the work of the UCP was carried out during 3-4 October, in 7 parallel panel sessions grouping users by market segment: Aviation & Drones, Renewable Energy and Raw Materials, Consumer Solutions (Health and Tourism), Infrastructure, Maritime & Fisheries, Emergency Management and Humanitarian Aid, Insurance & Finance. During these sessions several topics were addressed including an update on the user requirements, synergies with Copernicus, testing campaigns, main market trends, evolution of Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus and R&D. Here below you can find the results of the 2022 edition of the UCP, which were presented during the 2022 European Space Week, and will feed the future release of the Reports on User needs and Requirements.




Minutes of Meeting Plenary


  Aviation & Drones


Minutes of Meeting

Welcome and Introduction

Overview of EO requirements for drone flight planning and safety assessment

Opportunities of EO for manned aviation

EGNSS Services for Aviation and Drones

Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service for Aviation and Drones segment

Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

EASA - The EU Drone Regulation

FlyingBasket - Copernicus contributions to safe and efficient drone operations

DroneRadar - Three reasons for using Copernicus EO data in Aviation industry

RNP concepts applied to UAS

EUROCAE - Multi-GNSS solutions for UAS specific category: an overview of ED-301

Abionica - Reliable Navigation Systems for UAS

EUGENE: An EGNSS Service Provision Model for UAS

TopView - Accuracy and authentication needs for drone operations

EUROCONTROL - GNSS Resilience for PBN and New GNSS short-medium term requirements

ERA - Opportunities and challenges of preparing for the full PBN environment in 2030

SDM - User needs for space, the implementation perspective

EUROCONTROL - Examples of EO use cases for European aviation

SATAVIA - Contrail prevention through flight plan modification

ENAV - Earth Observation needs from ENAV perspective


  Consumer Solutions, Tourism and Health


Minutes of Meeting

C3S and CAMS contribution to Consumer Solutions, Tourism and Health

Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

EO Platforms & Consumer Solutions

Copernicus Marine Service

Consumer Solutions, Tourism and Health: User Needs and Requirements

The European EO Platform Ecosystem

Consumer Solutions - EO Platforms

Success Story: The future of women's safety

Success Story: Monitoring the Transparent and Near-Shallow Waters

Success Story: Sinergise

Success Story: Tourism4.0


  Emergency Management and Humanitarian Aid


Minutes of Meeting

Welcome & Introduction

Copernicus Emergency Management Service: an overview

Overview of the Galileo service portfolio

Disaster management: the Union Civil Protection Mechanism and its evolving needs

Market Status

EUCENTRE Foundation: Post-event technical support

Landslide monitoring and hazard assessment: satellite EO and GNSS inputs

Humanitarian Asset Management

Geographic information in humanitarian response

Applications Overview

Panel Results Summary


  Energy and Raw Materials


Minutes of Meeting - Energy

Minutes of Meeting - Raw Materials

Energy User Needs and Requirements

Digitalisation of Energy Action Plan

Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

Copernicus atmosphere and climate services in support of Renewable energy sector

Copernicus Marine Service

Enabling seamless modeling of wind resources from hours to decades using EO data

TotalEnergies: the company and some challenges

Panel Results Summary

Raw Materials User Needs and Requirements

Raw Materials Roadmap and role of EO

Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

C3S and CAMS contribution to Raw Material segment

Siilinjärvi mine slope monitoring methods

GoldenEye: an EU H2020 Funded Project

EO Solutions for the mine life cycle

Panel Results Summary




Minutes of Meeting

Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

Copernicus Climate Change Service in support of Infrastructure segment

Copernicus for 5G cross-border corridors

5G Corridor Munich - Prague

EO-related User needs and requirements

Discussions: requirements, barriers and R&D gaps

Use cases and discussions EO

EGNSS for Infrastructure

Galileo OSNMA for 5G: The ROOT Project

Panel Results Summary


  Insurance and Finance


Minutes of Meeting

Overview of applications and market trends

Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

Copernicus Climate Change Service in support of Insurance and Banking segment

Canola EO: Solving European and Brazilian supply chain challenges

Earth Observation and Machine Learning to support Cargo Port Analysis

Geospatial data: real-time signals that lead the metals and minerals markets

Riscognition - Analysis Ready Location Intelligence

AgroSuite - Geodata Products for Agricultural Insurance Value Chain based on Spatial Analytics and Earth Observation

SpaceKnow - Unlocking the Power of Data from Space

Panel Results Summary


  Maritime, Inland Waterways, Fisheries and Aquaculture


Minutes of Meeting

Copernicus Marine Service

EGNOS L1 maritime service

Galileo HAS and OSNMA Services

Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS)

Hull to Hull (H2H) H2020 project - needs for GNSS in combination with 3D vessel models for close proximity navigation

Prepare Ships Project: Requirements identified

The impact of emerging space technologies on ship routing and other leisure navigation applications

Why weather matters to us

MASS GNSS User Requirements

Discussion on GNSS & EO (Copernicus) requirements per application - Ship route optimisation

Trelleborg PPUs (HAS, SBAS)

Pilotage Operations

High Precision 3D Positioning on IWW - Research Project LAESSI

Bathymetry & EO

Discussion on GNSS & EO (Copernicus) requirements per application - Inland waterways navigation

Surveillance technologies in fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance

Map2Fish - Fish stock service for tourism

Blue Box Porbeagle Requirements

Discussion on GNSS & EO (Copernicus) requirements per application - Fish stock detection

GAMBAS - Galileo Advanced features for the Maritime domain: Breakthrough Applications for Safety and Security

AQUASAFE for Aquaculture

EO for algae blooming

Sustainable maritime spatial planning activities

Discussion on GNSS & EO (Copernicus) requirements per application - Aquaculture site selection

Gaia: first high-performance algorithm for oil spill detection in Sentinel 1 data

Offshore Floating Wind and Wave platforms: Space solutions for marine site selection, installation, operation and maintenance

Floating Offshore Wind

Discussion on GNSS & EO (Copernicus) requirements per application - MetOcean

Panel Results Summary


Updated: Jan 29, 2024