GNSS Raw Measurements

Galileo is now successfully delivering initial positioning, navigation and timing services, while device manufacturers have unveiled the first generation of Galileo-ready consumer devices. It is against this backdrop that the GSA is now engaging more and more with application developers, as Galileo begins to provide Europeans, and people across the globe, with benefits from this enhanced performance.

An interesting development that may enable higher accuracy for mass market devices is the new availability of raw measurements at the Operating System level, Android 7.0 (and higher).

This innovation was eagerly anticipated by the GNSS community. Raw measurements were already accessible on high-end professional equipment but never on smartphones. Research centres and universities have immediately started testing the new possibilities that the availability of raw measurements may bring. Just a few months after the Nougat launch, several smartphone apps appeared on the market proposing precise point positioning (PPP) solutions for smartphones.

Updated: May 19, 2021