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With  the Sixth (FP6 2002-2006) and the Seventh (FP7 2007-2013) Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, the European Commission clearly identified areas of fundamental interest for GALILEO user recognition and market penetration, and brought major research-related EU initiatives together under a single comprehensive plan. FP6 and FP7 worked as key pillars in ensuring Europe is in the driving seat of Research and Development in satellite navigation, along with its industries and service application businesses. 

Aviation Agriculture Maritime Road Location-based services Rail Surveying/Mapping Education, innovation and support Precision, professional and scientific applications PRS Infrastructure & evolution

The projects developed under FP6 and FP7 developed innovation to demonstrate a clear advantage of using Galileo and EGNOS and concrete applications in the GNSS segments of location-based services (LBS), road, aviation, rail, maritime, agriculture, surveying and mapping, and timing and synchronisation.


GIANT GNSS introduction in the aviation sector [FP6 - 2nd Call]
GIANT-2 EGNOS Adoption in the Aviation Sector [FP7 - 1st Call]
HEDGE Helicopters Deploy GNSS in Europe [FP7 - 1st Call]
ACCEPTA ACCelerating EGNOS adoPTion in Aviation [FP7 - 2nd Call]
CLOSE SEARCH Accurate and safe EGNOS-SoL navigation for UAV-based low-cost SAR operations [FP7 - 2nd Call]
FilGAPP “Filling the gap” in GNSS Advanced Procedures and operations [FP7 - 3rd Call]
HEDGE NEXT Helicopter Deploy GNSS in Europe – NEXT [FP7 - 3rd Call]
LOGAM Low cost GNSS attitude and navigation system with inertial MEMS aiding [FP7 - 3rd Call]
SHERPA Support on Pre-operational Actions in GNSS [FP7 - 3rd Call]

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FIELDFACT Introduction and promotion of GNSS in agriculture [FP6 2nd Call] 
FieldCopter FieldCopter GPS-EGNOS based Precision Agriculture using unmanned aerial vehicles [FP7 - 3rd Call]
GEOPAL GNSS-based Planning system for Agricultural Logistics [FP7 - 3r Call]
UNIFARM GNSS User Forum on Navigation based Innovation for Farmers [FP7 - 3rd Call]

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SafePort Safe Port Operations using EGNOS SoL Services [FP7 2nd Call]
MEDUSE Marine Park Enhanced applications based on Use of integrated GNSS Services [FP7 3rd Call]
CoSuDEC Coastal Surveying of Depths with EGNOS to Enhance Charts [FP7 2nd Call]
COSMEMOS COoperative Satellite navigation for MEteo-marine MOdelling and Services [FP7 3rd Call]
MARGAL Maritime GALILEO - Seamless harmonised services for ports and inland waterways [FP6 1st Call]
MARUSE Maritime user segment [FP6 2nd Call]

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ADvantis ADvantis: A centralised guaranteed integrity localisation service - a key for the EGNOS and Galileo business model (ADvantis) [FP6 1st Call]
GOLDEN-ICE ImprovinG the efficiency Of saLt-spreaDing (de-icing) sErvices and emergeNcy call managment on winter professional vehiCles using Egnos [FP7 2nd Call]
ASPHALT Advanced Galileo Navigation System for Asphalts Fleet Machines [FP7 2nd Call]
VeRT Vehicular Remote Tolling [FP6 1st Call]
GIROADS GNSS introduction in the road sector [FP6 2nd Call]
M-TRADE Multimodal Transportation supported by EGNOS [FP6 2nd Call]x.
LMHC-TTCS Free traffic-toll collection system with protection of personal data - including passenger monitoring system [FP6 2nd Call]
MENTORE Implementation of GNSS tracking and tracing technologies for EU regulated domains [FP6 3rd Call]
GINA GNSS for INnovative road Applications [FP7 1st Call]
GSC GNSS-enabled Services Convergence [FP7 1st Call]
GALAPAGOS GALileo-bAsed seamless and robust Positioning Applications for loGistics Optimation proceSses [FP7 1st Call]
GSW Galileo Speed Warning [FP7 1st Call]
SIGNATURE Simple GNSS Assisted and Trusted Receiver [FP7 1st Call]
SCUTUM SeCUring the EU GNSS adopTion in the dangeroUs Material transport [FP7 2nd Call]
COVEL Cooperative Vehicle Localization for Safe and Sustainable Mobility [FP7 2nd Call]
GNSSmeter GNSS-based metering for vehicle applications and value added road services [FP7 2nd Call]
ERSEC Enhanced Road Safety by integrating Egnos-Galileo data with on-board Control system [FP7 2nd Call]
GENEVA Galileo / EGNOS Enhanced Driver Assistance [FP7 2nd Call]
PUMA Precise and secUre autoMative trAcking [FP7 2nd Call]
DETECTOR Detection, Evaluation and Characterisation of Threats to Road applications [FP7 3rd Call]
Easy-OBU Enhanced (EGNOS/EDAS) Accuracy SYstem with GNSS Outage Bridging Unit [FP7 3rd Call]
GAIN GAIN - Galileo for Interactive Driving [FP7 3rd Call]
GLOVE Joint Galileo Optimization and VANET Enhancement [FP7 3rd Call]
OCD OpenCarData [FP7 3rd Call]
QualiSaR Development of a Qualification Procedure for the Usage of Galileo Satellite Receivers for Safety Relevant Applications [FP7 3rd Call]
TACOT Trusted Multi-Application Receiver for Trucks [FP7 3rd Call]
TAXISAT A new TAXI application guided by SATellite [FP7 3rd Call]

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GalileoCast Innovative Forecast and Broadcast Applications with Galileo [FP7 1st Call]
MOW-BY-SAT MOWing the lawn BY SATelitte [FP7 1st Call]
E-TRACK EGNOS and EDAS Enhanced Tracking of Animal Movement and Behaviour [FP7 3rd Call]
SCORE Service of Coordinated Operational emergency and Rescue using EGNOS [FP6 1st Call]
AGILE Application of Galileo in the LBS Environment [FP6 2nd Call]
CUSPIS Cultural heritage space identification system [FP6 2nd Call]
TWIST Tourist-Wide Infrastructure supported by Satellite Technology [FP6 2nd Call]
ALIS A proposal for the development of an At-sea Location Information Service [FP6 2nd Call]
GUTD GNSS and UMTS Technology Demonstrator [FP6 2nd Call]
LOCCATA Location-based and context-aware multimodal mobile hiking guide [FP6 2nd Call]
SPESSS Special Event Support by Satellite System [FP6 2nd Call]
BEAR Bear Ethology Around Romania [FP6 2nd Call]
TGR Application of Turbo Techniques to GNSS Receivers [FP6 2nd Call]
OPTI-TRANS Optimised Transport System for Mobile Location Based Service [FP7 1st Call]
IEGLO Infrastructure-based EGNOS/Galileo receiver for personal mobility [FP7 1st Call]
ImaGeo ImaGeo: Accurate geotemporal coding in Photos [FP7 1st Call]
MetaPos MetaPos: a meta-service integrating diverse position determining technologies for LBS [FP7 1st Call]
TIGER Trusted GNSS Receiver [FP7 1st Call]
LIVELINE Live ICT Services Verified by EGNOS to find Lost Individuals in Emergency situations [FP7 2nd Call]
PERNASVIP PERsonal NAvigation System for Visually disabled People [FP7 2nd Call]
LS4P Livesailing For Professionals [FP7 2nd Call]
INCLUSION Innovative LBS for social/public dimension [FP7 2nd Call]
ATLAS Authenticated Time and Location for Location Based Application and Services [FP7 2nd Call]
SMART-WAY Galileo based navigation in public transport systems with passenger interaction [FP7 2nd Call]
CEWITT Low Cost and low Energy GNSS-based WIreless Tag for asset Tracking and monitoring [FP7 - 3rd Call]
I-GOing Setting the path for mass market use of Indoor Galileo Operations [FP7 - 3rd Call]
POSSUM Position-based Services for Utilities Maintenance teams [FP7 - 3rd Call]
STON Security Technologies based on location [FP7 - 3rd Call]
WalkEGNOS WalkEGNOS: a social web 2.0 mapping solution generating and leveraging on the brand EGNOS Certification Inside [FP7 - 3rd Call]

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GNSS introduction in the rail sector [FP6 2nd Call]


GNSS-based ATP System for Railway Low Density Lines [FP7 2nd Call]

GaLoROI Galileo Localization for Railway Operation Innovation [FP7 3rd Call]
SATLOC Satellite based operation and management of local low traffic lines [FP7 3rd Call]
GGSP (GFZ) Implementation of Galileo Geodesy Service Provider prototype [FP6 2nd Call]

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CIGALA Concept for Ionospheric-Scintillation Mitigation for Professional GNSS in Latin America [FP7 2nd Call]
SX5 Scientific Service Support based on GALILEO E5 Receivers [FP7 2nd Call]
I2GPS Integrated Interferometry and GNSS for Precision Survey [FP7 2nd Call]
ENCORE Enhanced Code Galileo Receiver for Land Management in Brazil [FP7 2nd Call]
GAL Galileo for Gravity [FP7 3rd Call]
Handheld Handheld device with innovative compact antenna for professional GNSS applications [FP7 3rd Call]

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Education, innovation and support

ProDDAGE Programme for the Development and Demonstration of Applications of Galileo and EGNOS [FP6 1st Call]
GEM Galileo mission implementation [FP6 1st Call]
ERIG (ESYS) Education, Research and Innovation in GNSS [FP6 3rd Call]
PEGASE Provision of Expertise to GSA And Support to Enabling activities [FP7 1st Call]
GACELA GALILEO Centre of Excellence for Latin America [FP7 1st Call]
SEAGAL South East Asia centre on European GNSS for international cooperation And Local development [FP7 1st Call]
G-TRAIN G-TRAIN: Supporting Education and Training in GNSS [FP7 2nd Call]
GAINS Galileo Advanced INnovation Services [FP7 2nd Call]
GENIUS GNSS Education Network for Universities and Industries [FP7 3rd Call]
SUNRISE Strengthening User Networks for Requirement Investigation and Supporting Entrepreneurship [FP7 3rd Call]
AiA Awareness in Africa: Disseminating Knowledge on EGNOS and Galileo in Africa to Foster Local and Regional Development [FP7 3rd Call]
CALIBRA Countering GNSS high Accuracy applications Limitations due to Ionospheric disturbances in Brazil [FP7 3rd Call]
EEGS2 EGNOS extension to Eastern Europe: Applications [FP7 3rd Call] GNSS in Asia - Support on International Activities [FP7 3rd Call]
G-NAVIS Growing NAVIS [FP7 3rd Call]
SATSA SBAS Awareness and Training for South Africa [FP7 3rd Call]

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Precision, professional and scientific applications

GIGA Galileo Integrated Georeference Applications [FP6 2nd Call]
MONITOR Land surveying and civil engineering monitoring [FP6 2nd Call]
FIX_8 High-accuracy positioning using EGNOS and Galileo products [FP6 2nd Call]
GEOLOCALNET Innovative concepts for high-accuracy local geodetic networks [FP6 2nd Call]
GGPHI A low-cost, low-power Galileo/GPS carrier phase positioning system [FP6 2nd Call]
GRDB GRDB [FP6 2nd Call]
GREHDA GALILEO software Receiver for High Dynamic Applications [FP6 2nd Call]
HELICITY Precision helicopter guidance for cities and emergency support [FP6 2nd Call]
IADIRA Inertial Aiding Deeply Integrated Receiver Architecture [FP6 2nd Call]
POSIRIS Positioning with Impulse Radio Improving Satellite [FP6 2nd Call]
WARTK-EGAL WARTK based on EGNOS and Galileo: technical feasibility study [FP6 2nd Call]
GEO6 Science with GNSS [FP6 2nd Call]
HARMLESS HARMLESS: Humanitarian aid, emergency management and law enforcement support applications [FP6 2nd Call]
GLECIA Ground Local Elements for Continuity Improvement on Airports [FP6 2nd Call]
HPLE High Precision Local Element [FP6 2nd Call]
NAVELEC Innovative Application of European GNSS for a better Synchronization of Electrical Power Transport Networks [FP6 2nd Call]
POP-ART Precise Operation Positioning for Alpine Rescue Teams [FP6 2nd Call]
SARHA Sensor-Augmented EGNOS/Galileo Receiver for Handheld Applications in urban and indoor environments [FP6 2nd Call]
GRAL GSPF Reference Application Line [FP6 2nd Call]
VASER Visual Awarness System for Emergency Response [FP6 2nd Call]
ISIS Internet-based Station Investigation Service [FP6 2nd Call]
MAGES Mature Applications of Galileo for Emergency Scenarios [FP6 3rd Call]
HARRISON Timing and synchronisation [FP6 3rd Call]

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ARMOURS Antenna and Front-End Modules for Public Regulates Service applications [FP7 3rd Call]
PREMISE PRS receivers with EMbedded hardware Intrinsic Security Enhancements [FP7 3rd Call]
ULTRA Ultra Low Cost PRS Receiver [FP7 3rd Call]

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Infrastructure & evolution

GILT Galileo Initiative for Local Technologies [FP6 1st Call]
GARMIS GAlileo Reference Mission Support [FP6 2nd Call]
GAC Galileo Advanced Concepts [FP6 2nd Call]
FIDELITY Implementation of Galileo time service provider prototype [FP6 2nd Call]
GGSP (GFZ) Implementation of Galileo Geodesy Service Provider prototype [FP6 2nd Call]
GISAR Galileo Implementation of Search And Rescue Interfaces [FP6 2nd Call]
PROGENY Provision of Galileo Expertise, Networking and support for International Initiatives [FP6 2nd Call]
GALILEA Galileo local element augmentation system [FP6 2nd Call]
GALOCAD Development of a GALILEO Local Component for the nowcasting and forecasting of Atmospheric Disturbances affecting the integrity of high precision Galileo applications [FP6 2nd Call]
IRC2G Integration of a Regional Component to the Galileo Global component - with demonstrations in Europe and China [FP6 2nd Call]
QGN Quantification of the potential threat to Galileo from man-made Noise sources [FP6 2nd Call]
GADEM Galileo Atmospheric Data Enhancement Mission [FP6 2nd Call]
MTTS Multi-modal Tracking and Tracing Service centre [FP6 2nd Call]
EEGS EGNOS Extension to Eastern Europe [FP7 2nd Call]
ESESA EGNOS Service Extension to South Africa [FP7 2nd Call]
SIRAJ SBAS Implementation in the regions ACAC and ASECNA [FP7 2nd Call]
GSARSED GALILEO SAR Service Early Demonstration [FP7 2nd Call]
GARDA Galileo user Receiver Development Activity [FP6 1st Call]
GAMMA Assisted Galileo/GPS/EGNOS Mass Market Receiver [FP6 2nd Call]
GREAT Galileo Receiver for the mass [FP6 2nd Call]
GR-POSTER Galileo Ready Positioning Terminal [FP6 2nd Call]
ARTUS Advanced Receiver Terminal for User Services [FP6 2nd Call]
SWIRLS Galileo professional receiver development [FP6 2nd Call]
MAGIC Management of Galileo Interferences and Counter Measures [FP6 2nd Call]
SOPHA Software Receiver with Enhanced Integrity Concept on PDA for Safety Critical Hand-held Applications [FP6 2nd Call]
PRECISIO Professional Receivers via Software Radio [FP7 2nd Call]
ART-X Advanced Receiver Terminal Extension to Technoly and Market Evolution [FP7 2nd Call]
ATENEA Advanced Techniques for Navigation Receivers and Applications [FP7 2nd Call]

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