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Starburst Aerospace Ltd.

Starburst is an accelerator VC focused on the Aerospace industry. Our investing activities are closely tied to Starburst's accelerator and strategic consulting businesses. We have a fund in the US (Starburst Ventures Fund I), in Europe and in Israel (Starburst Astra Fund I). Starburst already has 94 active investments in its global portfolio (sweat equity model) and 1 active investment (cash for equity model). Starburst match makes the best players in the Aerospace ecosystem, adding value to each in the process. We actively introduce promising entrepreneurs with industry experts and seasoned investors to facilitate synergistic relationships and accelerate Aerospace innovation to reshape the future of Aerospace. Established in 2012, we’ve accrued the most up to date experience and refined our processes to best serve entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Updated: May 10, 2022