GALILEO-3-2017:EGNSS Professional applications

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01 March 2017 - 00:00
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Horizon 2020
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Professional applications are covering different market segments. Precision agriculture, mapping and surveying have been the pioneers in the use of GNSS since the early years. The challenge is to make these applications more affordable, easy to use and integrated with other solutions and technologies, including for example earth observation, e.g. Copernicus services, in order to enable new targeted innovative solutions.

EGNSS is offering additional accuracy and features, such as multiple frequencies and the high precision service in the frame of the future commercial service, contributing to enabling these innovative solutions, including in challenging environments. Power networks, telecommunication networks and financial transactions[1] are today synchronised, many of them using GNSS. These networks are becoming more and more distributed (e.g. distributed power generation of renewable energies), interconnected and more demanding in terms of synchronisation performances (e.g. in 4G-LTE and future internet), or requiring authenticated solutions as for the financial transaction time stamping.

The specific challenge is in this case to build on the enhanced capabilities offered by Galileo that will provide high accurate timing information and authentication services, to develop a new generation of high performing, reliable and EU independent timing and synchronisation applications that can cope with these emerging and demanding needs.

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