GNSS in Asia - support on international Activities

Background & Objectives

Developing and implementing a concrete and sustainable GNSS strategy in the “hotspot” of downstream industry combined with local insights for market development activities will support the EC and GSA.

The Asian market is very important for every product/service which aims to be successful on the world market. Galileo is no exception. The five Asian economies are of strategic interest for the EU GNSS for the following reasons:

  • They comprise a unique region to be served by several GNSS
  • They are a manufacturing centre for GNSS downstream equipment
  • They are home to chipsets serving mass markets in GNSS
  • They represent markets with high GNSS affinity and enormous growth rates.


  1. Define industrial cooperation strategy on GNSS applications and receivers, between EU and China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
  2. Support concrete collaboration opportunities between European and Asian companies.
  3. Raise awareness of Galileo and EGNOS.
  4. Ensure valorisation of Galileo with focus on receivers/chipsets and applications.

Activities are carried out by key European and Asian organisations with long-standing experience in fostering EU-Asian industrial cooperation. They assess market areas of mutual interest, get a GNSS industrial overview and support industrial cooperation between EU and Asian companies. Activities include expert workshops and industry seminars with matchmaking sessions (both in Asia and in the EU), as well as Galileo awareness raising aimed at the local GNSS communities and the broader public.

Next Steps

  • Wider outreach to European GNSS downstream industry
  • Further development of EU-Asia industrial GNSS strategy
  • Support concrete collaboration cases between EU and Asian companies.
Rainer Horn
Managing Partner / Geschäftsführer
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Justyna Redelkiewicz
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1 248 701 €
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1 248 701 €
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FP7 3rd Call
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Work performed & results

The results will include:

  • Concrete recommendations for a sustainable EU-Asia GNSS industrial cooperation strategy in the downstream sector.
  • Engagement of local stakeholders and awareness raising on Galileo and EGNOS in particular through workshops and seminars.
  • Concrete cases of industrial cooperation between European and Asian GNSS companies.
  • Valorisation of Galileo by ensuring the manufacturing of Galileo-enabled receivers and chipsets
  • Local insights (reports) on market development opportunities in Asia for the EU GNSS.
  • Further pilot activities promoting industrial cooperation.
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European Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC)
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European Business Group India (EBGI)
EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation (EUJC)
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
South Korea
Ziinconsulting Inc. (ZIIN)
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European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT)

Updated: Apr 08, 2019