Horizon Europe Projects

Horizon Europe Projects


Horizon Europe is the European Framework Programme for research and innovation, running subsequent to Horizon 2020 (H2020) and covering the period 2021-2022. EUSPA is funding research for space downstream applications under the delegation of the European Commission.


EUSPA has signed grant agreements with 13 new projects

The 13 projects are funded within the call HORIZON-EUSPA-2021-SPACE, which included three topics:

  • EGNSS applications for the Digital Age
  • EGNSS and Copernicus applications fostering the European Green deal
  • EGNSS applications for Safety and Crisis management
  • The total budget allocated to all the projects is EUR 31,892,475 and the share of budget going to SMEs is 42%.

    EUSPA received a total of 50 applications in total for this call, of which 49 were evaluated.


    Agriculture Aviation




    MAGDA | Meteorological assimilation from Galileo and Drones for Agriculture


    SPACE4GREEN | Trusted and Green traceability through EU Space Technologies


      Aviation & Drones


    CERTIFLIGHT | Certified E-GNSS remote tracking of drone and aircraft flights


      Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Natural Capital


    BIRDWATCH | Copernicus-based service for the improvement of habitat suitability of farmland birds via satellite-enabled monitoring, evaluation and optimisation of CAP greening measures


      Consumer Solutions, Tourism and Health


    EGeNiouSS | EGNSS-based visual localisation to enable AAA-PNT in small devices & applications


      Emergency Management and Humanitarian Aid


    EWOKS | Enabling EWS/Galileo Market uptake in widespread PWS solutions


    OVERWATCH | Integrated holographic management map for safety and crisis events


      Energy and Raw Materials


    RESPONDENT | Renewable Energy sources power forecasting and synchronisation for smart grid networks management


      Environmental Monitoring


    100KTREES | Decision Toolbox for cities to improve air quality, biodiversity, human wellbeing and reduce climate risks by planting more trees in our cities




    SWIFTT | Satellites for Wilderness Inspection and Forest Threat Tracking




    BUILDSPACE | Enabling innovative space-driven services for energy efficient buildings and climate resilient cities


    CHRISS | Critical infrastructure high accuracy and robustness increase integrated synchronization solutions



    CLUG 2.0 | CLUG demonstration of readiness for rail


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    Updated: Jul 12, 2023