ImaGeo: Accurate geotemporal coding in Photos

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Proposal Acronym ImaGeo
Project Title ImaGeo: Accurate geotemporal coding in Photos
Funding Scheme CP
Activity Code GALILEO-2007-1.7-01
Activity Code Description Focused Innovative Projects in Mass-Market GNSS Applications
Coordinator IN2 search interfaces development Limited
Country DE
Duration (months) 18
Grant (EUR) 299.891
Project Officer Carmen Aguilera
Project Officer e-mail
Project manager David Crombie
Project manager e-mail

ImaGeo provides a new integrated scenario for geotemporal visual media tagging and use in the converged world, and transforms the way existing tagging processes are organised and in particular how geotemporal tagged media content is offered and how people search for information. ImaGeo offers an open server-side architecture with integrated services and advanced solutions for experiencing, searching and accessing geotemporal media content enabling intuitive presentation, delivery and handling both for professional and non-professional users. The project will move away from today’s widely prevalent text search paradigm, towards unobtrusive mixed-media queries and more efficient geotagged visual content presentation. ImaGeo provides personalised and context-aware, GNSS applications and services that can be dynamically composed for a variety of roles, locations and contexts. 

Through careful consideration and focus on user interaction processes specifically from users on the move (travellers, cyclists, mountain bikers, hikers), ImaGeo enables new ways to both describe and retrieve visual information and significantly enhances travel and leisure activities and support persons on the move in delivering new forms of interactive, immersive and very high quality media. For that the project will also examine and apply flexible business models that will integrate geospatial content databases and enable those forms of content aggregation, description and presentation and can be adapted to the travel and content business industry. The initial ImaGeo uses cases that will be tested in the GATE Berchtesgaden, deal with travel and leisure scenarios and are: a) provision and delivery of added value information based on geotagged photos that users will acquire though their mobile GNSS/EGNOS enabled devices and b) a Web 2.0 travel content platform for instant user-generated and geotagged visual media content broadcasting and presentation.

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Updated: Sep 26, 2011