Multi-frequency multipurpose antenna for Galileo prior information notice

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The scope of this procurement is the development of a common technology multi-frequency antenna for Galileo professional users in order to enable the possibility of using the same type of antennas in different professional applications. Currently the GNSS antennas are designed on a case-by-case basis for specific applications and therefore lack the technological versatility to be implemented for alternative purposes other than the ones initially devised for. As an example, a common antenna could be used for agriculture and road applications. Mass market applications are currently oriented to use the open service of Galileo on E1.

However the different professional markets will make use of advanced multi-frequency (E1/E5 and E6) of Galileo as well as interoperability with other constellations, most notably GPS. However, in the medium term, it is expected that mass market applications will benefit as well from the multi-frequency, bringing the need for antennas that can support a wider bandwidth to incorporate the necessary frequencies. The objective is to develop advanced multi-frequency (e.g. L1/E1, L2, L5/E5, E6) antennas and adaptive multi-frequency antennas to support professional and governmental applications requiring high accuracy, high robustness and high reliability. The objective is also to have an antenna commercially ready with a competitive cost. 

Updated: May 29, 2016