The aim of the contest is to design, develop, test and prepare for commercial launch a drone-based application and/or service able to provide a position and/or time fix by using Galileo-enabled receiver.

Galileo can be used on the drone, smartphone app, payload, or in any other device supporting the Galileo drone application.

Each participating team shall propose an application targeting one of the following development areas:
Urban air mobility

Personal transportation services in urban areas, in the longer term

Parcel delivery & eCommerce

Drones supporting package delivery, as support to post services or transport of goods, from warehouses to dedicated landing site, or to recipients (customer’s home in urban environment) in the longer term.

Infrastructure, Inspection

Power grid, transport network energy distribution, solar panels inspection, offshore platforms, wind farms, etc.


Toys, aero-modelling, self-tracking/filming drones (first person view), drone racing, etc.

Maritime surveillance

Provision of a situational awareness in maritime areas through long-endurance drones.


Precision agriculture, crop/field/soil monitoring, variable rate applications, livestock tracking, insurance, forest monitoring & management, etc.


Cadastral surveying, mining, marine surveying, GIS, photogrammetry, etc.

Emergency management

Support to SAR (Search and Rescue) operations, firefighting, other natural disaster monitoring (e.g. floods, forest fires, earthquakes, etc), patrol, security, etc.

Scientific applications

Meteorological monitoring, atmospheric measurements, swarm techniques, general R&D, etc.

Traffic Management

Flight planning, tracking, assistance to deconfliction, separation, surveillance, traffic information, capacity management, interface with ATC and manned aviation

U-Space services

Applications supporting e-identification, geoawareness, geofencing, operation planning, detect and avoid, incident reporting as well as other supporting future drone operations.

Other applications

Calibration of aviation nav-aids, asset management, advertisement, marketing, entertainment, etc.

The innovation areas are based on the EU priorities below





Please make sure you read the Terms of Reference here for requirements specifications and duly complete all the forms before submitting your application.

The Corrigendum #1 on the extension of the competition's deadline is available here.

The Corrigendum #2 on the extension of the competition's deadline is available here.

The Corrigendum #3 is available here.

Phase 1:

Clarification note #1 is available here.

Clarification note #2 is available here.

Clarification note #3 is avalable here.

Clarification note #4 is available here.

Clarification note #5 is available here.

Phase 2:

Clarification note #1 for the phase 2 is available here.

Annex of clarification 1: Application form template.


There are 4 prizes for a total of €230.000 awarded as follow: 

  • 1st Prize: €100.000
  • 2nd Prize: €60.000
  • 3rd Prize: €40.000
  • 4th Prize: €30.000


The following criteria will be considered for the assessment of the projects along the three steps of the contest: 

  • Innovation (0-5): Is this kind of application or service not yet available on the market? Is the application technologically advanced (e.g. using multi-frequency, innovative algorithms)?
  • Market potential (0-5): Is this application / service sellable after repackaging this idea into a real service? Is there a potential market demand/customer base for this product? 
  • Galileo-relevance (0-5): Is the application / service making use of Galileo? Is the increased accuracy offered by Galileo relevant for the application? Is the increased robustness provided by multi-constellation / multi- frequency relevant for the application? 
  • Technical feasibility and service readiness (0-5): What is the level of progress since the start of the contest? Has the required level of completion for the phase been fully achieved?1 Is the applications/service ready to be delivered in the market?
  • Address regional development needs (0-5): Does the solution address needs of regional markets or improve the offer available in regional markets for the services proposed to be provided by the drone-based solution? In case additional authorisation are needed from the relevant national authority, are they identified and is the plan to achieve them credible?


You can discover the 10 winners of the phase 2 and the 30 selected teams of the phase 1 on this page.


You can discover the 4 winners of the competition this page.


  • 1. Please note that these questions will be relevant only for the 2nd phase and finals




17 July 2020
Announcement of the Competition
4 Aug. 2020
Information Webinar #1. You can view the presentation and watch the recording. The clarification note #1 can be found here.
17 Aug. 2020
Information Webinar #2. You can view the presentation here and watch the recording here. The clarification note #2 can be found here.
1 Sept. 2020
Wrap up Webinar. You can view the presentation here and watch the recording of the webinar here. The clarification note #3 can be found here.
15 Sept. 2020
Phase 1 submission deadline: Ideas
30 Sept. 2020
Phase 1: Evaluation and Announcement of teams to proceed to development phase 
13 Dec. 2020
Phase 2 App/Service Development with submission of prototypes/demonstrators
Jan. 2021
Evaluation Phase 2 and announcement of selected teams to proceed to Finals
17 Feb. 2021
Competition Final
2 March 2021
Award Ceremony