The aim of the contest is to develop a location-based solution, such as mobile application, wearable-based solution, asset management, tracking solution, or robotics, leveraging Galileo as a source of positioning, navigation and/or timing.

Each participating team shall propose a solution targeting one of the following innovation areas:
Crisis & Emergency response

Solutions supporting the recovery phase of COVID-19 pandemia, including the support to movement of people across borders, safe tourism, support to local businesses affected by the situation, special assistance to vulnerable groups and those at high risk, management of harvesting season or construction works implementing social distancing.

Smart transport for Green Deal

Solutions mitigating climate change including reduction of emissions; enabling more sustainable transports and new concepts of mobility, providing users with more affordable, accessible, healthier and cleaner alternatives and/or contributing to sustainable development of regions and smart cities.

Solution for Digital Age

Solutions using geolocation data in combination with other sources of data, such as Earth Observation and/or using Artificial Intelligence and/or Augmented Reality to create solutions that support citizens in their daily lives, leisure and professional tasks.


Solutions helping individuals and organizations to address cyber security challenges, for instance via authentication of position to reduce jamming/spoofing risks, in areas as diverse as automotive, logistics, mobile payments, or commercial maritime, or applications providing verification of location/time in a variety of use cases.


Please make sure you read the Terms of Reference here for requirements specifications and please complete all the forms before submitting your application.

Corrigendum #1 of the Terms of Reference is available here.

Corrigendum #2 of the Terms of Reference is available here.

Clarification note #1 is available here.

Clarification note #2 is available here.

Clarification note #3 is available here.

Clarification note #4 is available here.


The MyGalileoSolution competition is divided into two independent and parallel tracks, each one with its lists of requirements and deliverables:

Track 1: From Idea to Prototype 

The aim of Track 1 is to develop a beta version of an application or a prototype of a solution implementing an idea, reaching minimum 50 % of its functionality.

Track 2: From Prototype to Product

The aim of Track 2 is to develop a fully functional solution ready to be commercialise starting from a beta version of an application or a prototype.

Discover the selected teams for Track 1 and 2 here and the winning teams here!


Track 1:

  • The 30 best ideas will receive a prize in amount of € 15.000 (fifteen thousand Euro) each.

Track 2:

  • The 20 best beta applications/prototypes will receive a prize in amount of € 40.000 (forty thousand Euro) each.

Third step: The Finals
Three best teams per each track will receive the following prizes:

Track 1

  • 1st Prize: € 40.000 (forty thousand Euro)
  • 2nd Prize: € 25.000 (twenty-five thousand Euro)
  • 3rd Prize: € 10.000 (ten thousand Euro)

Track 2

  • 1st Prize: € 60.000 (sixty thousand Euro)
  • 2nd Prize: € 40.000 (forty thousand Euro)
  • 3rd Prize: € 25.000 (twenty-five thousand Euro)

Prizes shall be awarded in accordance with the principles of transparency and equal treatment and shall accelerate progress towards the European Union priorities.


The following criteria will be considered for the assessment of the projects throughout the entire contest:

  • Innovation (1-5): How innovative and novel is the approach compared to existing technical solutions and commercial services? Is there a similar solution already available on the market or is it addressing a new application area? Is the application technologically advanced (e.g. using multi-frequency, innovative algorithms)?
  • Market potential (1-5): Is this solution marketable after repackaging this idea into a real product? Is there a potential market demand/customer base for this product? What is the revenue potential? Does the solution address needs of regional markets or improve the offer available in regional markets?
  • Feasibility (1-5): How feasible is the solution within the limits of current technology? What progress has been achieved in the application/idea since the start of the challenge? Does the team have the necessary skills to develop and launch the product?
  • Galileo-relevance (1-5): Is the application making use of Galileo? Is the increased accuracy or any other differentiator offered by Galileo relevant for the application? Are synergies with other space data explored?

In case of applications addressing societal challenge, socio-economic impact will be considered

Got questions? Applicants may send their questions via email to The answers and clarifications will be published on a weekly basis on the competition website.




1 September 2020
Announcement of the Competition
7 September 2020
Information webinar #1. You can view the presentation here.
14 September 2020
Webinar and matchmaking #2. You can view the presentation here.
21 September 2020
Webinar and matchmaking #3. You can view the presentation here and the recording here.
14 October 2020 23:59 CET
Proposals’ submission deadline for both tracks
October - November 2020
Video calls with max. 40 shortlisted teams for Track 2
November 2020
Announcement of teams selected to continue to the development phase
Mid November 2020
Check-point with each team on the progress
15 January 2021
Prototypes/products submission deadline for both tracks
2 March 2021
Entrepreneurship Day featuring competition finals