GSA begins preparations for future EGNOS services

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20 June 2012

The new EGNOS service provision contract is planned to be awarded in 2013 and is aimed at guaranteeing the provision of EGNOS services for 8 years starting on the 1st of January 2014, without service interruption. The future EGNOS operator shall become certified for provision of the EGNOS services according to the Single European Sky (SES) regulation. The requests to participate shall be transmitted to the GSA by 16 July and the deadline for submission of initial tenders is expected to be in November 2012.

The GSA is carrying out this procurement on behalf of the European Commission and is expected to become responsible for the management of EGNOS from 2014.

The EU Official journal notice can be accessed here:

All the documentation related to this call for tender can be found on the GSA procurement link here:

EGNOS - Europe’s first venture into satellite navigation

The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), improves the accuracy of GPS over Europe making it suitable for safety Citizens can profit from better personal GPS navigation provided that they use an EGNOS-enabled receiver (as most of the recent models do).

The EGNOS system works using 34 ranging and integrity monitoring stations (RIMS) that receive signals from the US GPS satellites. Four mission control centres handle data processing and differential corrections counting and six navigation land earth stations manage accuracy and reliability data for sending to the three geostationary satellite transponders for relay to end-user devices. EGNOS offers 3 services:

1. Open Service: free and open for anyone with an ‘EGNOS-enabled’ GPS device.

2. Safety-of-life Service: provides an ‘integrity’ message warning the user of any malfunction of the GPS signal in 6 seconds. This is essential when satellite

navigation is used for applications where lives are at stake. EGNOS was certified for civil aviation in 2011.

3. The EGNOS Data Access Service (EDAS): provides EGNOS information in real time over the internet.


EGNOS is the first pan-European satellite navigation system. Similar services are provided in North America by the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) and in Japan by the Multifunctional Satellite Augmentation System (MSAS).


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