GSA launches public consultation on the Galileo Commercial Service

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16 May 2012

The CS - which potentially addresses the authentication and high-precision market segments - will deliver innovative services with improved performance and greater added value than those obtained through the open service.

Galileo IOV satellites © ESA

Currently the GSA is working with the European Commission (EC) and the European Space Agency (ESA) with the support of the Member States to define the final characteristics of the CS. Input from the industry – but also from other actors, such as users and academia – is valuable to define the service and the rationale at the basis of CS’ implementation.

Respondents to the consultation will be asked to provide a more general perspective about the CS, as well as a validation of the main aspects of a preliminary business case which has been developed in cooperation with the EC. Potentially, the respondents can propose new ideas and approaches for the CS service provision as well as discuss pricing, liability, Service Level Agreements and performance level of the service.

The consultation will be open until end of September 2012. A final decision on the CS implementation concept will be reached at the beginning of 2013.

To respond to the consultation and arrange a one-to-one meeting with the GSA:

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