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10 February 2010

Registered users of the EGNOS Data Access System (EDAS) now have access to historical data. The data can be easily downloaded via an EDAS FTP server.

The FTP service currently publishes observation and navigation measurements taken from the reference stations of the EGNOS system and the EGNOS messages being broadcast.

The EDAS online Help Desk will send all registered beta-test users of the EDAS trial a username and password for the FTP connection.

The observation and navigation measurements are distributed as files matching the 2.10 Receiver Independent Exchange (RINEX) B format.

The information provided by the FTP server includes:

  • Observation data containing measurements from GPS, GLONASS and EGNOS pseudorandom numbers (PRNs); and
  • Navigation data containing measurements such as the position, velocity, health and clock information sent by GPS satellites.

In addition the FTP server also publishes files containing the EGNOS messages (EMS) which are broadcast every second from the PRN120 and PRN124 geo satellites.

The observation and navigation files are acquired from RIMS A stations in the Azores, Alberg, Berlin, the Canary Islands, Cork, Catania, Djerba, Egilsstadir, Glasgow, Golbasi, Gävle, Jan Mayen, Hartbeeshoek, Kirkenes, Lapeenranta, Lisboa, Madeira, Malaga, Moncton, Paris, Palma de Mallorca, Reykjavik, Roma, Santiago de Compostela, Sofia, Svalvard, Swanwick, Toulouse, Trondheim, Tromsö, Warsaw and Zürich.

The RINEX files on the FTP server are classified by year, day and Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Station (RIMS). Each file contains one hour of data. Meanwhile, the distribution of EMS files is by PRN, year and day. Each file also contains one hour of data. Sample files are available in the download section. The approximate delay in publishing data is currently about six hours.

EDAS is at the technical core of the Commercial Data Distribution Service (CDDS), one of three main EGNOS services, along with the Open Service and the Safety-of-Life Service.

The GSA launched a free of charge beta test of EDAS in March 2009. The test runs for one year. For more information on EDAS and how to access the service go to the EDAS website.

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