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20 February 2013

Augmented Satellite Navigation systems, such as EGNOS, are one of the enabling technologies for Performance Based Navigation (PBN). Implementation of PBN is a key short- to medium-term task for aviation authorities across Europe. A workshop organised by Pildo Labs in Barcelona, Spain will share best practices in developing and operating these essential procedures.

© sxc.huWith continuing growth in air traffic, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has stated that all instrument runways should implement required navigation performance approach (RNP APCH) procedures with vertical guidance by 2016.
EGNOS, as the European satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS), is one of the key enablers of the European regional PBN plan, which aims at providing vertical guidance at all landing sites.


Pildo Labs have been involved in many European initiatives to develop and implement this new generation of air traffic service systems. To share the best practices and knowledge that it has acquired through these projects, the company is running a PBN (GNSS) implementation session in Barcelona on 25 and 26 April. The programme is supported by local aviation authorities and will feature speakers from international organisations involved with the development of new air traffic services.

The event will provide civil aviation authorities and other stakeholders with information and practical examples of RNP APCH implementation and offer an open platform to share experience. Attendees will acquire a better understanding of the types of GNSS approach procedures defined within the PBN concept, and the knowledge required to support their own implementations.

The workshop will be of great value to air navigation managers and technical staff from national civil aviation authorities and service providers.

Pildo expertise

Founded in 2001 in Barcelona, Pildo Labs is a recognised global player in the development of advanced services and products for GNSS-based air navigation. Pildo Labs has been involved with many strategic European and international projects in the sector. For example, it is involved with the first three PBN implementation projects undertaken by EuroControl and initiatives such as the FP7 SHERPA project that is supporting a collaborative approach to the implementation of GNSS operations for the civil aviation sector in Eastern Europe.

To obtain more information on the workshop, please email the organisers.

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