MyGalileoApp Award Ceremony

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The winners of this year’s MyGalileoApp competition were announced at a ceremony held at the European GNSS Agency (GSA) headquarters in Prague on November 7.

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Winner: ARGEO

Augmented reality and games

ARGEO is a mobile app based on geolocation, augmented reality and blockchain which allows users to discover and catch content, such as prizes, coupons and shopping cards geolocated around the streets of a city or in specific places by companies as part of their marketing activities. It can: connect digital and traditional channels through; change marketing from an aggressive push approach to a pull approach based on gamification; increase customer engagement; reach and attract the millennial and generation X targets; and develop a real win-win brand experience.

2nd place: Tractor Navigator

Mapping, GIS and Agriculture

Tractor Navigator provides guidance for farmers driving tractors. It is a navigation app (like a car GPS) that enables users to visualise their current position and trajectory on an open field (no road). Using the app, farmers can also accurately follow a predefined trajectory with live feedback to correct deviations and record and load saved trajectories to pick up work from where they left off, thereby avoiding covering the same area twice.

3rd place: Ready Park

Smart navigation and infotainment

The ReadyPark app makes it possible to exchange parking spots in real-time (users leaving a spot are paired with users looking for one. You can also gain reputation tokens that can be spent in the app to gain parking priority over other drivers, and in a later phase be used to access deals provided by sponsors and B2B clients. Hence, ReadyPark is a market-creating innovation because it gives life to a new local marketplace, connecting drivers with local businesses. Moreover, it can boost the turnover of retailers located in areas with bad parking conditions.

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About MyGalileoApp

The GSA’s MyGalileoApp Competition challenges developers to design, develop, test and commercially launch a mobile application that provides a position and/or time fix using a Galileo-enabled smartphone equipped with Android /IOS operating system.

More details about the competition here.


MyGalileo App: The Final



Meet Argeo - The Winner



Meet Tractor Navigator - The 2nd place Winner



Meet ReadyPark - The 3rd place Winner



Meet Trukatu - Finalist



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Meet arstory - Finalist



Meet WanderApp - Finalist



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