Third GNSS Raw Measurements Taskforce Workshop, 26th June 2019, Prague, GSA Headquarters

The third GNSS Raw Measurements Taskforce Workshop took place on 26th of June 2019 at GSA Headquarters in Prague. The objective of the workshop was to share the Task Force member's experience and progress around the use of raw measurements within Android devices.

As of Android 7.0, access to GNSS raw measurements has been made available, allowing developers to use the carrier and code measurements, as well as the decoded navigation messages from mass-market devices. This enables the creation of advanced GNSS positioning algorithms that lead to the development of more ambitious smartphone-based services, or access to data contained in the navigation message. Until not too long ago, these data were restricted to more professional GNSS receivers, now they are literally in the palm of our hands. For other uses of the raw measurements, please refer to White Paper on using GNSS Raw Measurements on Android devices.

Several application areas stand to profit from this increased accuracy, such as augmented reality, location-based advertising, mobile health and asset management. The raw measurements allow also to optimize the multi-GNSS solutions, and to select the satellites/constellations based on their performances or differentiators.

In 2017, the GSA launched the GNSS Raw Measurements Task Force to bridge the existing knowledge gap among potential raw measurement users. Since then, the Task Force has expanded to a group of over 100 agencies, universities, research institutes and companies, all dedicated to promoting a wider use of GNSS raw measurements. The membership is open to anybody interested.

Two additional tools are available to the Task Force members:


The presentations are now available for download here below:


Updated: Oct 21, 2020