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EGNOS Success Story: Area Measurement under CAP

20 December 2013
The 2013 Area Measurement Workshop, held 5 – 7 November in Berlin, confirmed that EGNOS enabled receivers satisfy the measurement accuracy requirements of CAP and opened the door for the forthcoming Galileo constellation.

GEMCO takes off in Tunis

13 December 2013
With the opening of the Galileo EuroMed Cooperation Office (GEMCO) in Tunis earlier this year, efforts to promote awareness of EGNOS and Galileo around the southern and eastern Mediterranean region are getting a major boost. Activities coordinated by GEMCO help countries in the region embrace and adopt these satellite technologies – especially as applied to the transport sector.

Horizon 2020 Call for Applications in Satellite Navigation Officially Open!

11 December 2013
The first Horizon 2020 (H2020) call for Applications in Satellite Navigation is officially open. With a budget of EUR 38 million for the 2014 call, the deadline for submitting proposals is 3 April 2014.

Detector: Making GNSS Road Applications Even Safer

10 December 2013
This autumn, the FP7 project DETECTOR confirmed its ability to efficiently detect potential threats to GNSS positioning, timing and velocity.

EGNOS gets precise at Agritechnica

05 December 2013
EGNOS was presented at the world’s largest agricultural trade fair – Agritechnica – in Hanover. Satellite navigation is a key enabler of innovation in precision and smart farming, and the European GNSS Agency (GSA) is ushering agriculture and promotes efficient management of resources whilst also protecting the environment.

Horizon 2020 Space Programme ready to launch

03 December 2013
Horizon 2020 is the European Union’s next programme for research and innovation with a focus on securing Europe’s global competitiveness. This major initiative will run from 2014 to 2020 and has a total budget of over €70 billion. Space, and Galileo in particular, form a significant part of Horizon 2020 and the draft work programme for the initial two years of the programme has just been published

Space Solutions for the Environment

02 December 2013
The European Space Solutions’ dedicated session on environmental protection demonstrated the multiple benefits that space technology brings. The session included examples of how space technology is being used to support agriculture, forestry, air quality monitoring and biodiversity.

Space Solutions for Better Mobility

27 November 2013
The European Space Solutions conference covered aspects of transport on land (chaired by the European GNSS Agency (GSA)) and water, with a focus on how space solutions are making a real impact on the mobility of goods and people both regionally and world-wide.

Extending the Galileo test campaign to eCall manufacturers

25 November 2013
In view of the introduction of the eCall in-vehicle systems set to use GNSS satellite positioning, including EGNOS and Galileo, and in view of Galileo Early Services, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) announces the opportunity for eCall device manufacturers to test Galileo compatibility.

Space Solutions for Emergency Response

25 November 2013
European Space Solutions conference focussed on emergency response and disaster management. Accurate location data is essential for an efficient and timely response in any emergency – and positioning satellite technology is the key to providing such data.

Galileo Masters 2013: GNSS gets personal

22 November 2013
The 10th edition of the joint European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) and Copernicus Masters 2013 ceremony was a festive evening held in conjunction with the opening day of the European Space Solutions conference in Munich. The event put the spotlight on innovative entrepreneurs and application developers utilising satellite navigation and earth observation technologies and was attended by high level personalities from government, institutions and industry.

Farming by Satellite grows - pushing the creative edge of EGNOS and Galileo

22 November 2013
With cash prizes totalling EUR 13 000 and a wider geographical scope for entries, the second edition of the Farming by Satellite Competition is now open for submissions. The aim of the competition is to promote the use of satellite technologies in agriculture and their benefits to end users. The competition, an initiative of the European GNSS Agency (GSA), is supported by agricultural machinery manufacturers CLAAS and crop science experts Bayer.

European Space Solutions: Benefits and Opportunities

21 November 2013
The European Space Solutions Conference 2013 was held in Munich 5 – 7 November. The conference brought together representatives of the public and private sectors, along with users and developers of space-based solutions. The theme was how space technology makes a real difference in our daily lives, with a particular focus on challenges and opportunities for European satellite technologies.

Parliament approves financing for the European satellite navigation programmes until 2020

20 November 2013
The European Commission has welcomed today's approval by the European Parliament of the financing and governance of two European satellite navigation programmes: Galileo and EGNOS, for the period 2014-2020.

Space: Smart Solutions for Smart Cities

19 November 2013
On the evening of 6 November, the European Space Expo hosted the official reception for the European Space Solutions conference in Munich. The event showcased a range of space-based solutions for enabling smarter cities that can bring benefits to citizens living in an increasingly urbanised world. The highlighted projects featured both Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Earth Observation technologies.