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European Space Expo comes to Vienna ITS

26 October 2012
The European Space Expo opened next to the Vienna ITS World Congress, showcasing satellite and space applications at the premier global transport technology event

Europe’s satellite navigation market is surging, says the Executive Director of European GNSS Agency

24 October 2012
The market for applications and services in Europe’s satellite navigation system is picking up fast as businesses latch on to its many benefits, Carlo des Dorides, Executive Director of the European GNSS Agency (GSA) told at the Intergeo Conference

EGNOS makes waves in Hannover

23 October 2012
Amid the bustle of the massive Intergeo trade fair and conference in Hannover, EGNOS made its presence felt.

Businesses converge on London for European Space Solutions

18 October 2012
As both a conference and a trade fair, European Space Solutions will enable public officials and business leaders to debate the space challenges of the years ahead. The three-day event in London this December will also feature the European Space Expo, the showcase for satellite applications.

EGNOS goes South

11 October 2012
Work has started to define the requirements and implementation options to extend the benefits of EGNOS to southern Africa. A joint Task Force led by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) met for the first time in early October with an ambitious timetable and objectives.

European GNSS reaches out to Asia

09 October 2012
Europe’s efforts to build its global navigation satellite system (GNSS) include measures to collaborate with other countries on space programmes and satellite applications. In Brussels, key stakeholders met recently to discuss their GNSS outreach to Asia

EGNOS gets precise in Poland

05 October 2012
Agriculture is a major sector for the European economy and farmers are increasingly seeking technological solutions to boost productivity. With EGNOS now freely available across the whole country the European GNSS Agency (GSA) was, for the first time, at Europe’s biggest outdoor agricultural exhibition near Poznan in September to promote the benefits of satellite assisted precision agriculture.

EGNOS for Mapping: New Video Released

28 September 2012
You have already seen how EGNOS is used on the Road, in Agriculture and in the Aviation industry. Now it's time to take a closer look at how EGNOS is used for Mapping

Commission Vice President Tajani opens European Space Expo in Brussels

28 September 2012
It is Brussels’ turn to host the European Space Expo. By opening the satellite and space application showcase in the Belgian capital, European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani hailed the advent of the Galileo program and the services it offers.

Building momentum for PRS in Barcelona

25 September 2012
One of Galileo’s key offerings is Public Regulated Service (PRS), which will provide secure, guaranteed position and timing for government users like security operations. At the Barcelona PMR Summit, GSA officials made the case for early adoption of PRS standards

Aurigny, CityJet and Air Nostrum winners at EGNOS awards in Dublin

24 September 2012
Three regional airlines were honoured at the ERA’s annual meeting in Dublin for their pioneering use of EGNOS technology

Space Expo arrives in Brussels after Helsinki triumph

18 September 2012
The European Space Expo continues its tour: fresh from its showcase in the Finnish capital, it now makes its way to Brussels

"Historic moment" as GSA opens its new Prague seat

10 September 2012
Ministers, Ambassadors and top EU officials gathered in Prague on September 6 to celebrate the opening of the GSA’s new offices.

The European Space Expo lands in historic Toulouse space park

23 July 2012
Planted next to rockets, satellites and space stations, the European Space Expo was right at home at the Toulouse Cité de l’espace.

EU – Asia Satellite Navigation Industry Seminar aims to build business

13 July 2012
An excellent opportunity for industrial cooperation in satellite navigation applications, between EU and China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea and Taiwan, arises on 26 September!