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EGNOS: saving billions of euros for European aviation

30 April 2010
Small and medium-sized airports can gain economic and safety benefits by using EGNOS for approach with vertical guidance (APV) procedures.

Galileo and EGNOS to drive future road management systems

30 April 2010
The use of Europe?s future Galileo satellite navigation system in the road transport sector will deliver an estimated ?43bn in public benefits by 2030.

Saving lives with EGNOS and Galileo

28 April 2010
With five real-life application demonstrations the MAGES project has clearly shown how EGNOS and Galileo can assist in ?life-and-death? emergency scenarios.

European Satellite Navigation Competition 2010 expands awards

21 April 2010
This year?s European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) offers additional prizes.

User applications need secure technology

19 April 2010
GNSS has become a critical component of our infrastructure. Ensuring its security is vital to realising the full market potential of location technologies.

Syria to host EGNOS and Galileo workshop

16 April 2010
Registration closes on 31 March for a workshop in Syria on EGNOS and Galileo and their main applications in Arab countries.

Register for Galileo Application Days special sessions

16 April 2010
A GNSS Venture Academy and a session to stress the importance of GNSS education are being held for registered participants on 3 March.

Spotlight on SMEs at GNSS Venture Academy

16 April 2010
Capitalise on the booming global market for satellite-navigation applications, SMEs were advised at Venture Academy.

Satellite navigation key to interactive road transport applications

16 April 2010
EGNOS and Galileo are key to the development of intelligent road transport systems, according to a workshop in the Czech Republic.

Education drives innovation in satellite navigation sector

16 April 2010
A number of EU-funded projects are helping to develop higher education degrees in GNSS.

Extolling the virtues of high precision

16 April 2010
Tools are available for exploiting the high degree of precision made possible with EGNOS, participants said at Galileo Application Days.

Public benefits of Galileo and EGNOS highlighted

16 April 2010
Galileo Application Days featured a stimulating session on social and public services.

Application Village brings Galileo closer to the public

16 April 2010
The Galileo Application Village was a hit with the public at the Application Days event in March with demonstrations from over 30 projects.

EGNOS and aviation ready for take off in 2010

16 April 2010
The aviation industry is preparing to use EGNOS once it becomes certified for the sector later this year.

Optimising logistics with a seamless solution

24 March 2010
The GALAPAGOS project is working to demonstrate a positioning system designed specifically for logistics applications and in particular for container tracking.