EU Satellite navigation: a wealth of opportunities

28 August 2020
EU Satellite navigation launched opportunities for students, innovators and entrepreneurs this summer, there is room for everybody.
EU Satellite navigation launched opportunities for students, innovators and entrepreneurs this summer, there is room for everybody.

In the past few weeks the European GNSS Agency (GSA) has been launching a series of initiatives to boost EU innovation and support European entrepreneurs able to come up with ideas and applications leveraging Galileo and EGNOS services, here is a short recap. 

It is a hot summer for GNSS-based innovators, GSA has launched three initiatives serving the entire GNSS community, from students, to innovators and entrepreneurs, and from ideas, to solutions and and ready-to-market applications, there is room for everybody. 

On July 17, the GSA launched MyGalileoDrone Competition. With a prize pool of €230.000, GSA is looking for a team able to design, develop, test and prepare for commercial launch a drone-based application and/or service able to provide a position and/or time fix by using Galileo-enabled receiver. The deadline has just been extended to 15th September. There is a final webinar for latecomers on 1st September 10:00-10:45, you can register here.

Watch this: MyGalileoDrone Competition

On August 1, in cooperation with the Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE), GSA launched Geomatics on the move. The competition consists of two categories: the first for Traditional Geomatics targeting solutions based on the usage of EGNSS, and the second category for Integrated Geomatics for integrated surveying solutions that leverage new tools and technologies such as drones, mobile mapping, laser scanners or Augmented/Mixed Reality.

Watch this: EGNOS and Galileo for Mapping

In addition, for GNSS-based solutions and projects which are ready to pitch, GSA is providing free virtual booths at Infoshare, central Europe’s biggest Tech platform and exhibition. The virtual exhibition is an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and services, and network with thousands of visitors and exhibitors.

But there is more to come, next month GSA will be launching new initiatives for innovators and entrepreneurs to ignite new ideas, upgrade prototypes and launch new GNSS-based products on the market. There is an estimated prize pool of over one million euro. While GSA is still finalizing the documentation, the best way to keep up with the upcoming opportunities is to sign up to GSA weekly newsletter Watch This Space.

True to its mission, GSA is linking space to user needs by igniting innovation and entrepreneurship, and contributing to Europe’s long-term growth, competitiveness and sustainability.

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Updated: Sep 01, 2020