Final EGNSS calls open under Horizon 2020

05 November 2019
The new calls aim to increase the market uptake of EGNSS solutions that benefit users.
The new calls aim to increase the market uptake of EGNSS solutions that benefit users.

The new Horizon EGNSS market uptake 2019-2020 Call, with a total budget of EUR 21 million, opened on 5 November. Dealing with the development of new innovative applications fostering digitisation, smart mobility, societal resilience and environmental protection and with a brand new topic tailored to public authorities, this is the last Horizon 2020 Call before the launch of its successor framework programme – Horizon Europe. The deadline for submissions is 5 March 2020.

The specific challenge of the ‘GNSS applications fostering green, safe and smart mobility’ topic (LC-SPACE-EGNSS-1-2019-2020) is to develop innovative EGNSS-based applications that lead to low-emission, safer, more secure, lower cost and higher performance mobility. The topic also targets transport solutions that respond to the increased mobility needs of people and goods while improving the continuity of transport services in aviation, rail, road and maritime.

The ‘EGNSS applications fostering digitisation’ topic (DT-SPACE-EGNSS-2-2019-2020) aims at fostering the adoption of EGNOS and Galileo in mass markets and ensuring that users reap the benefits of these programmes. To achieve this, the topic targets applications that make the best use of innovative EGNSS features such as better multipath resistance and authentication, in addition to applications that contribute to the competitiveness of the EGNSS industry in mobile applications, with special focus on the innovative role of SMEs. 

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The third topic in the new call targets ‘EGNSS applications fostering societal resilience and protecting the environment’ (SU-SPACE-EGNSS-3-2019-2020). It aims to develop innovative EGNSS applications in agriculture, mapping and surveying, timing and synchronisation and not only, which will support societal resilience, safeguard the wellbeing of EU citizens, improve emergency and disaster management as a response to climate related, natural and man-made disasters and ensure green growth.

Pre-commercial procurement

Finally,  there is a brand new pilot topic ‘EGNSS applications for public authorities' (SPACE-EGNSS-5-2020) with the objective to launch demand-driven actions by public authorities and customise EGNSS applications to their needs. Proposals should build on the procurement needs of the public authorities, should support EGNSS market uptake across Europe and demonstrate the sustainability of solutions beyond the lifespan of the proposed project.  

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Possible innovation procurement applications include EGNSS for mobility as a service, cooperative ITS, public transport and smart cities, implementation of Performance Based Navigation procedures, integration of EGNSS into U-Space for drones, and others. The European GNSS Agency (GSA) organised a series of webinars in September to explore the potential for pre-commercial procurement in four market segments: aviation, maritime, rail, and timing and synchronisation.

Horizon 2020 Space Info Days and Brokerage Event

In an effort to inform a wide range of stakeholders about the upcoming funding opportunities, the GSA together with the European Commission and the Horizon 2020 Space NCP Network (COSMOS2020plus) jointly hosted the Horizon 2020 Space Info Days and Brokerage event at the GSA’s headquarters in Prague, in September. The event’s first day aimed at informing about the last H2020 Space Calls and other space business while the second day was devoted to public consultation on the new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation “Horizon Europe”.

Over the two day event, more than 150 participants from 28 countries were updated on the status of Galileo and Copernicus and on the synergies arising from these two flagship programmes. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to network and meet potential partners

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