Location Based Services (LBS) in action

The deadline for requests is 19 July 2021. All consultations will be organised between 23 August 2021 and 13 September 2021.

Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) launches a technology and service road map consultation

14 June 2021
The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is launching a consultation on a technology and service road map for the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS). This consultation will support the development of the PRS user segment and market uptake up till 2027.
EU Space is powering solutions to protect and restore the oceans.

Satellites and the sea

08 June 2021
On World Ocean Day, which takes place every year on 8 June, people around the world celebrate our shared ocean and take action to protect and restore it for future generations. Today we take a look at how EU Space contributes to these efforts by providing data that improves our understanding of the ocean ecosystem and enables applications and services that help to minimise the impact of human activity on ocean health.
Individually and in synergy, the EU Space Programme components are making Europe greener.

Going green? Look to EU Space!

03 June 2021
From the air we breathe to the water we drink and the land we grow our food on, our ecological footprint and means to minimise it are more in the focus than ever. Innovative technological solutions, including space-based applications, can help to prevent pollution and reduce its negative impacts: from agriculture to transport. To mark the European Green Week 2021, which runs from 31 May to 4 June, we look at some of the contributions that space is making to a greener future.
EU Ambassadors visited EUSPA on May 26

EU Heads of Mission hear how Europe benefits from space during EUSPA visit

01 June 2021
Over 20 European Union Ambassadors and Deputy Heads of Mission visited the headquarters of the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) in Prague on May 26 to hear how the EU Space Programme is supporting European priority policies – from the Green deal to digital transition – and to learn about the Agency’s plans for the future.
The creation of EUSPA will create opportunities for a stronger EU role in space

EU Space on a new trajectory with launch of EUSPA

12 May 2021
The European Union Agency for the Space Programme, EUSPA, is launched today marking the start of a new era for EU Space. Building on the legacy of the European GNSS Agency, EUSPA will take on more responsibilities to create even more opportunities from Space for EU citizens and its economy.
SAR beacons save 7 lives every day around the world.

GSA congratulates Search and Rescue teams on #406Day2021

06 April 2021
Beacon Awareness Day (#406Day) on April 6 is an opportunity to celebrate the amazing work carried out by Search and Rescue teams around the world that risk their lives on a daily basis to save people in distress. It also aims to remind the owners of Search and Rescue beacons the need to register their beacon and test them in a regular basis, in particular for what concerns their batteries and, for those already registered, to update their Cospas-Sarsat contact details.
MyGalileoSolution & MyGalileoDrone are helping take innovative space ideas to the next level.

MyGalileoSolution & MyGalileoDrone: A word from the winners

24 March 2021
The winners of the MyGalileoSolution & MyGalileoDrone were announced at Entrepreneurship Day, organised by the GSA in March 2021 to promote EGNSS-based creativity and business opportunities. The goal was also to raise awareness of the role of downstream space in achieving the EU’s common goals. The winners spoke about their experience during the competition and how it was helping to take their ideas to the next level.
The hackathon aims to fuel innovation in urban mobility.

Molière hackathon: Tackling mobility challenges with Galileo and blockchain

18 March 2021
The Molière project, which aims at developing innovative mobility solutions using GNSS and blockchain, is to host a virtual hackathon in Barcelona on 22-26 March targeting groundbreaking ideas to tackle the challenges faced when implementing new mobility services. Do you have an innovative idea for the mobility sector? Register here before March 22.
Wearables from Suunto, Garmin and Samsung were tested, with interesting results.

Sample of Galileo-enabled wearables: the test results are in!

08 March 2021
After smartphones, wearables are the second most sold GNSS device, with 70 million shipments in 2019 alone. Given this trend, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) was motivated to test smartwatch devices under various conditions. Three devices were selected that, to a certain extent, characterise the Galileo-enabled device offering on the market in 2020: the Suunto 9, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Garmin Fenix 6X PRO. The tests delivered some interesting results.
The standard is targeted at service providers and users of the Galileo Return Link Service.

Standard published for remote activation of aircraft distress tracking beacons using the Search and Rescue (SAR) Return Link Service as offered by Galileo

05 March 2021
The EUROCAE “ED-277 - Minimum Aviation System Performance Standard for Aircraft Emergency Locator Transmitter Remote Command Via Return Link Service” has been published and is available. It describes the characteristics of remote command via the Return Link Service for Emergency Locator Transmitter Distress Tracking - ELT(DT) - in particular for remote beacon activation and deactivation. Today, only Galileo provides Return Link capability.
The most innovative solutions from the MyGalileoDrone and MyGalileoSolution competitions will be presented at Entrepreneurship Day on 2 March.

Entrepreneurship Day: second panel revealed!

22 February 2021
Following last week’s announcement, we can now unveil the second panel of the upcoming Entrepreneurship Day. Our contestants in the MyGalileoSolution competition - start-ups and entrepreneurs from all over Europe - have been busy polishing their solutions and finalising their pitches for the panel on Enhanced Human & Internet of Things. We are very excited to share what they have been up to and we invite you to register for our event to find out more!
The 10 finalists all leverage Galileo to deliver solutions with great market potential.

MyGalileoDrone – The news you’ve been waiting for!

16 February 2021
We are ready to announce the finalists in this year’s MyGalileoDrone competition. After serious deliberation, our jury has narrowed down the 30 semi-finalists to the final 10 teams still in the running for the EUR 230,000 prize pot.
Submit your innovative IoT solution to be in with a chance to win the EUR 20,000 prize.

Point.IoT 2021 – another year of exciting Galileo-powered IoT innovations

15 February 2021
Point.IoT, a fast-paced programme targeting next-generation IoT solutions using Galileo, is ramping up for its second year. Like last year, the competition aims to spark creativity and problem solving among Europe’s most innovative IoT developers and entrepreneurs. Got what it takes to design the ultimate industry solution? Then click here. The deadline is 30 April 2021.
The most innovative solutions from the MyGalileoDrone and MyGalileoSolution competitions will be presented at Entrepreneurship Day on 2 March.

Galileo delivers accuracy; drones deliver solutions

08 February 2021
GNSS is a key enabler for drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), ensuring safety of navigation and providing increased reliability for both consumer and commercial applications. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that, over the past decade, drones have become a significant GNSS segment, overtaking mature segments such as maritime, aviation and agriculture in terms of shipments, according to the GNSS Market Report.
The first Galileo-enabled PLB featuring the Return Link Service is available in 18 European countries

Happy birthday Galileo Search And Rescue (SAR) Return Link Service!

25 January 2021
A year after declared operational, the Galileo Return Link Service has been exceeding the performance levels committed in the SAR/Galileo Service Definition Document. With the recent upgrade in its European ground facilities, Galileo SAR is leading the way as an important component of the International Cospas-Sarsat Programme.