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A very BIG week for EU Space

15 December 2023
EU Space Week 2023 was full of informative sessions, insightful keynote speeches and interesting demos from space-based companies. Here’s a taste of just some of what happened.
The primary objective of the workshop is to present the ongoing standardisation activities for timing receivers.

Workshop on Standardisation of Galileo Timing Receivers, when time is of the essence

13 December 2023
In a joint effort, EUSPA and the European Commission will host an interactive workshop dedicated to the upcoming Galileo Timing Service and its implications for Timing and Synchronisation (T&S) applications.
EU Space Week Demo Day featured showstoppers such as an interactive virtual reality experience, GNSS receivers, ground monitoring solutions and even a 13-metre-tall rocket ship.

Demonstrating the power of EU Space

12 December 2023
Visitors to EU Space Week 2023 had an opportunity to discover cutting edge applications that use data from Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus.
EU Space plays a key role in the restoration and preservation of healthy soils as part of the fight against climate change.

Getting dirty – from space

08 December 2023
As we celebrate World Soil Day, EUSPA takes a look at how EU Space is helping protect and restore our dirt.
EUSpace capabilities via Copernicus data have the potential to support NGOs in areas of war and crises.

EUSpace4Ukraine publishes a White Paper and interactive maps to showcase Copernicus supported agricultural insights linked to Ukraine for NGOs

04 December 2023
The newly published EUSpace4Ukraine white paper and interactive maps, called StoryMap help interested parties understand how EU space capabilities especially Earth Observation can benefit NGOs in areas of war and crises.
During EU Space Week, participants learned how EU Space Traffic Management (STM) is working to mitigate the threat of space debris colliding with satellites.

Safeguarding space operations with STM

30 November 2023
A panel discussion at EU Space Week highlights the critical role that Space Traffic Management (STM) plays in keeping Europe’s space assets safe and secure.
The EGNSS User Satisfaction Surveys aim at collecting valuable feedback from current and potential users.

EGNOS and Galileo User Satisfaction Survey 2023 is open, and we want to hear from you!

24 November 2023
EUSPA is looking for your feedback on the EGNOS and Galileo User Satisfaction Survey 2023 so we can keep improving our services and provide a seamless user experience.
During 1-2 December, take one of Prague’s Galileo-enabled trams and make your way over to EUSPA Headquarters for our annual Open Days to learn more about the Agency and the EU Space Programme!

EUSPA Open Days 2023, where space becomes more than space

20 November 2023
Once a year, EUSPA invites the public during its Open Days! Are you planning on attending?
The webinar focusing on Secure SATCOM will explore market opportunities and trends as well as promoting EUSPA's user network for secure SATCOM.

Unlocking the Future: Secure SATCOM in the EU - A Comprehensive Overview

16 November 2023
From Secure SATCOM Market and User Technology Report to establishing a SATCOM Users Network, EUSPA is on the move to support companies to understand and build upon the opportunities of a user-centric secure SATCOM in the EU.
#EUSW 2023 brought together the entire EU Space community under one roof in Sevilla

Resilience, sustainability and access to funds all ingredients for a stronger EU Space Sector

10 November 2023
On EU Space Week Day 2, key stakeholders and policymakers shared what they considered to be the most pressing topics facing the EU Space sector. At the top of the list: access to funding, sustainability, and resilience.
The session EU Space: towards greater resilience and security, The EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence: Challenges and Opportunities taking place at EU Space Week 2023

Security in and from Space, a priority for Europe

09 November 2023
The final day of EUSW 2023 included two sessions on how space technology ensures security and generates more resilience for our continent.
Discover the CASSINI Prize for digital space applications, dedicated in seeking winning, innovative, space-based solutions ready to detect, monitor and remove plastics, microplastics and other litter from our oceans and waterways.

EU Space Applications to Fish Plastics Out of our Oceans and Rivers

09 November 2023
Each of the CASSINI Prize for digital space applications winning applications leverage the power of EU Space to detect, monitor and remove plastics and other litter from our oceans, waterways, beaches, and coastal areas.
EU Space Week, happening now in Seville, is putting the spotlight on Europe’s dynamic – and rapidly growing – space sector

EU Space Week kicks off in Seville

08 November 2023
EU Space Week, happening now in Seville, is putting the spotlight on Europe’s dynamic – and rapidly growing – space sector, with over 3,000 participants both online and onsite.
Demand for secure SATCOM services is on the rise. Learn more by downloading our brand-new Secure SATCOM Market and User Technology Report today!

EUSPA launches first Secure SATCOM Market and User Technology Report

07 November 2023
The report, the first of its kind, takes a deep dive into the dynamic secure SATCOM sector.
The 3rd Horizon Europe Call is ongoing with an overall budget of 34.5 miilion EUR

The new Horizon Europe Call is now open

02 November 2023
The new EUSPA Horizon Europe Call, with a substantial budget of 34.5 million EUR, is open with a deadline of 14 February.