E.g., 22/03/2023
E.g., 22/03/2023
EUSPA has published the EU Space for Green Transformation report, which showcases how applications leveraging EU Space data from Copernicus, Galileo and EGNOS can help companies become more sustainable.

EU Space helps drive the green transformation

25 January 2023
A new EUSPA report showcases how the EU Space Programme helps companies to become more sustainable – a key factor in achieving the European Green Deal’s ambitious climate objectives.
Galileo HAS increases the accuracy of Galileo to sub-meter levels, becoming the first constellation worldwide able to provide a high-accuracy service globally.

Galileo High Accuracy Service goes live!

24 January 2023
The Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS) is now operational offering unprecedented accuracy for positioning.
Galileo OSNMA Public Observation Final Workshop will gather feed from the community.

Galileo OSNMA Public Observation Final Workshop: lessons learned ahead of service declaration

20 January 2023
The EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is hosting the Galileo OSNMA Final Workshop. on 16 February 2023. The event will give participants the opportunity to discuss results, key aspects of the Galileo service following the Public Observation Phase and its future.
EUSPA extends cooperation with CNES for delivery of the Galileo Search and Rescue Service

EUSPA extends cooperation with CNES for delivery of the Galileo Search and Rescue Service

19 January 2023
The European Union Agency for the Space Programme awarded the Search and Rescue (SAR) Galileo Data Service Provider (SGDSP) contract, to the Centre National d’Études Spatiales (CNES). This will not only ensure the seamless continuation of the SAR service but also pave the way for new upcoming Galileo services in emergency management.
The Fundamental Elements Catalogue showcases how the initiative helps advance the development of Galileo-enabled receivers.

Showcasing the benefits and successes of Fundamental Elements

16 January 2023
With the second Fundamental Elements call in full swing, the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) has published a catalogue profiling the many success stories that came from the initial call.
This initiative aims to match the innovators with NGOs and other helpers through #EUSpace4Ukraine Network.

Let's support together EUSpace4Ukraine demonstrator, save the date for a new workshop on 2 February

13 January 2023
EUSPA to mobilise the EU Space innovation community and develop a demonstrator to support NGOs in their humanitarian activities connected to Ukraine.
EUSPA is ready to support The European Year of Skills boosting competitiveness and skills development

EUSPA is excited to support the ‘European Year of Skills’

10 January 2023
The European Commission has named 2023 as the ‘European Year of Skills’ – an initiative that EUSPA is fully committed to supporting.
EUSPA welcomes the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

EUSPA welcomes the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

06 January 2023
Security, resilience, prosperity, democratic values and the rule of law – these are the priorities of the Swedish Presidency, all of which stand to benefit from the EU Space Programme.
The guidelines specify the baseline applicable to the OSNMA service provision phase that will start after the OSNMA Service Declaration.

One step closer to OSNMA: SIS ICD and Receiver Guidelines just released

28 December 2022
The Galileo OSNMA SIS ICD and the Galileo OSNMA Receiver Guidelines have been published. They specify the baseline applicable to the OSNMA service provision phase that will start after the OSNMA Service Declaration. Its publication allows the OSNMA user community to prepare for the OSNMA service provision phase in advance of the OSNMA Service Declaration.
European Union as captured by Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite

Countdown to a New Year of EU Space

22 December 2022
Join us as we countdown to 2023 by highlighting some of this year’s milestones in EU Space.
EU Space will play a key role in creating the harmonised ecosystem Europe needs for safe drone operations and a robust drone value chain

EU Space key to enabling a harmonised drone ecosystem

16 December 2022
On 12 December, the EUSPA Administrative Board together with other EU and international organisations, such as EC DG DEFIS, MOVE and JRC, EASA, EMSA, EFCA, EUROCONTROL and ESA held a workshop on joining hands to foster the use of EU Space services and data for drones.

How EU Space helps protect – even restore – Europe’s forests

12 December 2022
Earth Observation (EO) and GNSS are fast becoming key enablers in the forestry sector. EO data is used to remotely monitor forest inventories and detect illegal logging and deforestation, while GNSS opens the door to a range of precision forestry operations.

EUSPA welcomes excited delegates of the SME Assembly 2022

06 December 2022
Featuring high-level panels and interviews, expert round tables, interactive workshops and numerous networking opportunities this year’s SME Assembly had a flavour of EU Space.

Our doors are open on 9-10 December, so visit us and explore the EU Space Programme!

05 December 2022
The EU Agency for the Space Programme will hold its annual Open Days from 9 – 10 December at EUSPA Headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic.

La Réunion EU MEOLUT, a cornerstone new infrastructure for SAR Galileo delivery in the Indian Ocean

05 December 2022
A new SAR Galileo MEOLUT Facility installed in the Indian Ocean Réunion island has successfully met the operational, performance and functional requirements required to be commissioned into the Cospas-Sarsat System and started the distribution of MEOSAR distress alerts to the French Mission Control Centre (FMCC) on 18 November. Precisely on the same day, the very first Return Link Service distress alert was recorded by Galileo coming from a boat skunk 2000km offshore of the newly deployed Galileo MEOLUT.