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London highlights satellite benefits for shipping and farming

12 January 2013
Shipping and farming might not appear to have much in common, but both sectors are exploiting satellite technologies, and are looking forward to the new opportunities offered by the European GNSS programmes EGNOS and Galileo. At the European Space Solutions (ESS) conference in London on December 4, experts in the fields outlined how satellites are making their work easier.

Experts hail satellite aid for aviation

11 January 2013
At the European Space Solutions (ESS) conference in London on Tuesday, December 4, experts in different aviation fields offered various perspectives on how the new services are changing the sector.

Road and rail looking ahead to new satellite opportunities

10 January 2013
New satellite services will make driving easier and make rail travel more efficient, according to officials and business leaders at the European Space Solutions conference in London on December 5

Brussels conference to debate EU space policy

09 January 2013
Policy-makers, industry leaders, scientists and civil society representatives will gather in Brussels on 29-30 January for the fifth high-level conference on EU space policy.

London’s European Space Expo showcases apps for disabled

18 December 2012
Satellite applications are being increasing used to help disabled people in a variety of ways. Some pioneering ideas were on display at the European Space Expo in London

Tajani hails Galileo opportunities at London space conference

17 December 2012
The Galileo satellite system will transform everyday lives in ways we cannot yet imagine, Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani told the European Space Solutions (ESS) conference in London.

Galileo Security Centre making progress

21 November 2012
Security is an important feature of the Galileo programme. On 16 November officials and the press visited the site of the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC) in Saint Germain en Laye to the west of Paris where construction is now underway. The visit was organised by the French Space Agency (CNES) who is hosting this essential infrastructure for Galileo.

EGNOS and Galileo road applications attract interest at Vienna ITS

16 November 2012
An array of innovative technologies for intelligent transport systems (ITS) using satellite systems were presented at the Vienna ITS World Congress

Kallas hails ITS at Vienna Congress

15 November 2012
Intelligent transport systems – using satellite applications and other information technologies – could help resolve some of Europe’s many transport challenges, from congestion to climate change, European Commission Vice President Siim Kallas told the Vienna ITS

Sound idea wins EGNOS prize at ESNC 2012

14 November 2012
An idea to help vision impaired people navigate using sound cues and augmented satellite navigation signals has won the GSA Special Topic Prize at the ninth European Satellite Navigation Competition that took place in Munich on 25 October. The technology could also help the emergency services cope with low visibility environments.

European Space Expo comes to Vienna ITS

26 October 2012
The European Space Expo opened next to the Vienna ITS World Congress, showcasing satellite and space applications at the premier global transport technology event

Europe’s satellite navigation market is surging, says the Executive Director of European GNSS Agency

24 October 2012
The market for applications and services in Europe’s satellite navigation system is picking up fast as businesses latch on to its many benefits, Carlo des Dorides, Executive Director of the European GNSS Agency (GSA) told at the Intergeo Conference

EGNOS makes waves in Hannover

23 October 2012
Amid the bustle of the massive Intergeo trade fair and conference in Hannover, EGNOS made its presence felt.

Businesses converge on London for European Space Solutions

18 October 2012
As both a conference and a trade fair, European Space Solutions will enable public officials and business leaders to debate the space challenges of the years ahead. The three-day event in London this December will also feature the European Space Expo, the showcase for satellite applications.

EGNOS goes South

11 October 2012
Work has started to define the requirements and implementation options to extend the benefits of EGNOS to southern Africa. A joint Task Force led by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) met for the first time in early October with an ambitious timetable and objectives.