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Curved approach lands benefits

02 April 2013
EGNOS ensures that satellite navigation signals can be used for safety-critical applications such as guiding aircraft during their approach to airports and other in-flight manoeuvres. The FilGAPP FP7 project is working to develop advanced EGNOS-based navigation procedures that can deliver tangible benefits to the civil air sector across Europe and beyond.

Aerial assistance for agriculture

25 March 2013
Precision agriculture is an area where satellite-enabled services have made a big impact. But sometimes the weather gets in the way or farmers need very high resolution data. Now EGNOS is being used to help develop a flexible ‘camera in the sky’ service that can provide the essential data that farms need, when they need it.

GENIUS Professional Training Programme

15 March 2013
Fundamentals of GNSS Mar 4th to 6th 2013, GSA Headquarters, Prague, Czech Republic.

Breaking the ‘chicken and egg’ paradigm

14 March 2013
Which came first: the chicken or the egg? It is an old puzzle, but applicable to many contemporary situations. For instance, in the aviation sector adoption of EGNOS-enabled navigation procedures needs acceptance from all sides - airports, aircraft manufacturers, operators and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) – to realise maximum benefits for all. The Accepta project is working to break inertia in the sector and accelerate adoption of EGNOS technologies.

SIMA sees growth in demand for farming satellite technology

11 March 2013
Exhibitors at the 75th Sima-Simagena International Agri-Business Show at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre from 24 to 28 of February noted an increase in demand for satellite technology installed in tractors and harvesters over recent years.

Farming by Satellite Prize honours Europe’s brightest agricultural students

08 March 2013
Three young European agricultural students were chosen from among 114 entrants from 25 countries as prize-winners in the European GNSS Agency’s (GSA) Farming by Satellite Prize, awarded at a ceremony at the Sima-Simagena Agri-Business Show in Paris on 25 February 2013.

Africa in Focus

05 March 2013
Africa and the EU are working closely on implementing satellite navigation technologies that can make a major impact on economic development. The benefits that can be delivered by technologies such as EGNOS are considerable. But raising awareness of the opportunities with local business, academics and policy makers is very important. This is where the ‘Awareness in Africa’ project is making a real difference.

GSA offers Czech showcase

27 February 2013
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) is working to engage the regional business communities in opportunities offered by the EU’s space programmes. As part of this effort, a workshop for SMEs and other enterprising companies and individuals is being organised on 27 March at GSA’s HQ.

EGNOS: A High Precision, Low Cost tool for Air Traffic Management

26 February 2013
The ability of EGNOS to enable cost-effective Performance-based Navigation (PBN) was highlighted at the World Air Traffic Management (ATM) Congress in Madrid in mid-February. Satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS), such as EGNOS, can provide the required high precision without the need for costly investment.

Learn Best Practices for PBN in Barcelona

20 February 2013
Augmented Satellite Navigation systems, such as EGNOS, are one of the enabling technologies for Performance Based Navigation (PBN). Implementation of PBN is a key short- to medium-term task for aviation authorities across Europe. A workshop organised by Pildo Labs in Barcelona, Spain will share best practices in developing and operating these essential procedures.

Sun shines on Spanish European Space Expo!

19 February 2013
Spain is clearly keen on space technology with thousands of visitors passing through the doors of the European Space Expo in Madrid this week. The free exhibition featuring Europe’s Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus programmes was a big hit with Spanish citizens of all ages!

EGNOS takes off in Spain

18 February 2013
Spain is the latest European country to sign up to implement EGNOS-based approach procedures for its airports with the signing of an agreement at the World ATM Congress in Madrid. The first Spanish airport to implement EGNOS-based procedures should be up and running by this summer.

Opportunity for Success

15 February 2013
As EGNOS coverage extends south and east, new markets for GNSS technologies developed in Europe are opening up. The European Commission has funded a comprehensive survey that not only identifies the main market potential for EGNOS applications in these territories, but also the EU technologies that could satisfy demand.

European Space Expo and EGNOS take-off in Madrid!

08 February 2013
Spanish citizens will be able to experience the latest space technology and applications, including Galileo and EGNOS, when the European Space Expo visits Madrid. You may not realise it, but space tech is making a major impact on your daily life – and this free exhibition shows you exactly how and why!

EGNOS proves its value in Maritime and Inland Waterways

08 February 2013
A new report demonstrates that EGNOS can deliver the performance required for safe navigation in maritime and inland waterways. The report is based on results from comprehensive testing of the EGNOS service around a variety of ports across Europe. Implementing EGNOS for waterborne navigation can complement existing systems and provide additional benefits.