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E.g., 25/03/2023

Road charging needs trust and assistance

10 March 2010
Using low-cost GNSS components, the SIGNATURE project aims to provide a flexible, reliable and trusted system for road user charging.

Do you know where your children are ?

10 March 2010
LIVELINE is developing a means of tracking vulnerable people using EGNOS that is secure and addresses complex privacy issues.

A sixth sense for your smartphone

09 March 2010
Using the ImaGeo geo-tagging and social networking application, tourists can access a wide range of information on attractions.

Live music and networking at Galileo Application Days

03 March 2010
The Galileo Concert at Galileo Application Days on 4 March will cap off the event?s networking reception in the Application Village.

ESA Investment Forum targets start-ups and SMEs

03 March 2010
ESA?s Technology Transfer Programme will hold an investment forum for start-ups and SMEs from 19-20 May in Stuttgart, Germany.

GNSS is the best solution for traffic management initiatives

26 February 2010
GNSS is the most efficient technology for nationwide traffic management and road pricing schemes and EGNOS can provide increased accuracy.

Czech workshop targets Galileo and EGNOS for road transport

24 February 2010
A Galileo Users Forum workshop in the Czech Republic on 17 February 2010 will focus on the requirements of the road transport sector.

See, touch and learn at Brussels satellite navigation event

16 February 2010
The launch of this year's Galileo Masters competition in Brussels will feature demonstrations of Europe's satellite navigation programmes at work.

EGNOS: making landing approaches more precise and efficient

13 February 2010
Speakers at a Galileo Users Forum (GUF) workshop outlined the measures underway in the aviation sector to take advantage of EGNOS.

EGNOS fills a gap in making satellite navigation more accurate

12 February 2010
EGNOS was presented to the annual ION GNSS conference in the US as part of a global effort to make satellite-based navigation more precise.

Single electronic tolling standards adopted

10 February 2010
A single set of EU standards for interoperable electronic tolling services paves the way for the use of EGNOS for road user charging.

Conference affirms EU's commitment to space programmes

10 February 2010
A conference held in Brussels underlines the EU?s commitment to developing space-based applications as part of a strategic policy to invest in its EGNOS and Galileo programmes.

Harnessing satellite navigation to cut grass

10 February 2010
Mow by Sat adapts an automated lawnmower to demonstrate how satellite navigation can be used to increase precision and lower costs.

Satellite navigation development essential for Europe

10 February 2010
EGNOS and Galileo are essential to Europe?s national interests in satellite navigation technologies, according to speakers at the ENC-GNSS 2009 conference.

Harvesting EGNOS and Galileo for use in agriculture

10 February 2010
The FieldFact project, which held its conference in Brussels on 10 March, demonstrated how EGNOS and Galileo can help Europe's farmers save on costs.