Open service authentication user terminals prior information notice

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The purpose of this procurement is to design, develop and test a prototype receiver integrating open service authentication capability. Qualification of the terminals in target application scenarios: regulated applications (e.g. digital tachograph), non-regulated applications (e.g. commercially sensitive LBS) are also targeted. Performance tests shall be carried out in order to evaluate/validate the OS open service authentication added value by conducting spoofing attack tests. The projects are divided into 3 distinct sub-projects and related outcomes:

1) specifications of interfaces and APIs for silicon-embedded chipsets, firmware-based equipment and device operating systems to enable a wide market take-up of open service authentication;

2) development and testing of open service authentication capability (including data authentication and usage of signal unpredictability to protect against replay attacks) in receivers and devices for regulated applications (e.g. digital tachograph) and consumer applications (e.g. commercially sensitive LBS);

3) development of an end-to-end validation facility in order to generate navigation scenarios (with open service authentication data), feed the receiver with an RF signal (with OS — open service authentication included), conduct spoofing attacks to validate the receiver in the selected target applications. The project shall also include the development of central authentication management software to enable end-to-end user solutions.

Updated: May 29, 2016