Background & Objectives

In Europe (EU27 + EFTA), a total of 14.5 million new passenger cars were registered in 2009 producing an average of 155g CO2/km. Recent legislation will require car manufacturers to decrease this number to an average of 95g CO2/km by the year 2020. While the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of each car are obtained from a standardised test method based on EU legislation, real-world vehicle CO2 emission data are currently not available.

Why this project is important for EGNOS/GSA/SatNav?

OpenCarData (OCD) technology generates real-world, GNSS-enhanced carbon emission profiles from passenger vehicles to compare with European Union legislation for Car Energy Labelling.


  • TUV certified solution
  • CO2 management & driver tool to create transparency, change driving behaviour & reduce CO2 emissions
  • Business & exploitation plan including dissemination to the public.

How does it work?

OCD leverages (Android) Smart Phone technology with the global OBD-II diagnostic standard, to create driver-unique, dynamic Emission Profiles, and helps to improve them. OCD aims to contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption by offering an easy-to-use smart vehicle-metering solution.

Next Steps

Currently the emphasis is on finishing the ICT structure ahead of certification tests, as well as dissemination activities.

EUSPA Project Officer: 
Selene JJ Kolman
Total Cost: 
707 152 €
EU Contributions: 
428 872 €
Project Call: 
FP7 3rd Call
Contract Number: 

Work performed & results

  • Winner of GNSS Living Lab Prize at European Satellite Navigation Competition 2010
  • Reality check at GAIA Spain
  • Presentation at ITS Vienna 2012
  • Successful Mid Term Review.
Navcert GmbH
United Kingdom
DKE Aerospace Lux

Updated: Oct 11, 2018