Strengthening User Networks for Requirement Investigation and Supporting Entrepreneurship

Background & Objectives

Satnav systems and their applications are part of a changing world in which the technology, the market and the surrounding policy and regulatory environment are continuously evolving. Therefore, the successful implementation and evolution of the EU GNSS Programmes requires the continuous involvement of its users to ensure that their needs are fully understood and taken into account when developing applications or deciding future infrastructure evolutions.

Why this project is important for EGNOS/GSA/SatNav?

SUNRISE will contribute to bridging the gap between GNSS infrastructure and downstream user applications in ITS and LBS, while enhancing the EGNOS and Galileo downstream market.


SUNRISE objectives are:

  • To unite key stakeholders from the GNSS Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Location-Based Services (LBS) user communities comprising the entire value chain in two User Forums;
  • To encourage these stakeholders to cooperate in order to collect, consolidate and share views and formulate requirements;
  • To issue advice and recommendations to the GSA and the European Commission on technical issues, business development, regulation and standardisation;
  • To recommend, implement and run an activity related to standardisation in order to support EU GNSS adoption in LBS and/or ITS domains;
  • To promote innovation and increase awareness of European GNSS Programmes and applications in the User Forums and beyond, through various actions;
  • The establishment of a database of user-connected organisations likely to serve as recognised interlocutors for the EU institutions;
  • The development of an “Applications Store” promoting GNSS service providers' offers in LBS and ITS and their added-value;
  • The organisation of concrete events tailored to the needs of SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Last but not least, a permanent web platform ( has been set up to support User Forum activities and will be operated during the 3-year duration of the project.

How does it work?

The project will organise eight Workshops to enable the ITS and LBS User Forum Members to meet and exchange information, in addition to interviews and dedicated meetings with key stakeholders of the ITS and LBS value chain (in particular SMEs), along with web consultations and desk studies (e.g. on standardisation).

Next Steps

The next steps will be defined closer to the project's end.

Marie-Laure Mathieu
10 Cours Louis Lumière
94300 Vincennes
EUSPA Project Officer: 
Fiammetta Diani
Total Cost: 
1 241 444 €
EU Contributions: 
1 048 670 €
Project Call: 
FP7 3rd Call
Contract Number: 

Work performed & results

The following major impacts are expected from SUNRISE User Forums:

  • A coordinated presentation and defence of the ITS and LBS user communities' needs in the development of applications and the evolution of the EU GNSS systems;
  • An increased promotion of the commercial use of EU GNSS;
  • A better fostering of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The following outcomes will be released:

  • Recommendations of actions to be supported by EU/National, Policy and Decision Makers and/or European Standardisation Organisations (ESOs) to foster the adoption of EU-GNSS in the ITS and LBS domains;
  • A standardisation State of the Art and Roadmap;
  • A database of user-connected organisations in ITS and LBS;
  • An “Application Store” promoting GNSS providers’ offers in LBS and ITS and their added value;
  • A web platform ( that may be used beyond the project duration.

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