Tight integration of EGNSS and on-board sensors for port vehicle automation

Background & Objectives

LOGIMATIC proposes an ad-hoc advanced location and navigation solution to enable the automation of existing port vehicles with a significantly lower cost which will allow short-medium term investments until the whole port fleet is renewed with totally autonomous vehicles in the long term.

The project will develop and demonstrate an innovative location and navigation solution for the automation of the operations of straddle carriers in container terminals with the following objectives:

  • To develop an advanced automated navigation solution based on the integration of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and sensors onboard the SC vehicles.
  • To implement a GIS-based control module compatible with existing Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) for optimized global (yard level) route planning and fleet management.
  • To implement security mechanism in order to detect and avoid spoofing and/or jamming attacks To assess the impact of application of such automated approach at large scale through simulation.
  • To integrate, validate and demonstrate the proposed solution in a real port yard.
Market application: 
Jesús Pablo González
Fundacio Privada ASCAMM
Avenida Universitat Autonoma
Parc Tecn
08290 Cerdanyola Des Valles Barcelona
EUSPA Project Officer: 
Manuel Lopez-Martinez
Total Cost: 
2 386 925 €
EU Contributions: 
2 002 910 €
Project Call: 
H2020 – Galileo 2nd Call
Contract Number: 

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  • LOGIMATIC, Smart Port Vehicle ManagementLOGIMATIC aims at implementing and validating an accurate localization and navigation system to automate the Straddle Carrier operations in an enhanced container chain management in port yards, thus increasing the efficiency of this type of operations, speeding up the tasks, enabling resource and space optimization and allowing operations at night.

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