Timing receiver for critical infrastructure prior information notice

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The scope of this procurement is the development and testing of Galileo timing receivers. GNSS timing is essential for interconnected systems that monitor, control, produce, track, or transact and that require synchronisation of geographically dispersed sites. Applications of GNSS timing include but are not limited to aviation, telecommunications and computer networks, energy generation and distribution, time labs or other government functionality.

All these applications use infrastructure that relies on essential GNSS time to synchronise their networks and monitor sites. The essential requirements for such a receiver derived from, for example, regulatory agencies, are: robust anti-jamming receiver solutions and low overall costs of the receiver, timing determinations and anti-jamming operations. The objective is to have a low-cost Galileo receiver able to determine the timing with high accuracy in bias and drift.

Output to be provided is 1 pps and 10 MHz signals. The interface to be implemented is through the time code formats NTP (network time protocol) and IRIG-B (inter-range instrumentation group, time code B). The project shall also include a demonstration campaign of the receiver with real data.

Updated: Dec 08, 2022