Trusted GNSS Receiver

Background & Objectives

The TIGER project represents the development of a highly innovative security platform and target application exploiting current and future GNSS, as well as augmentation systems such as EGNOS.

In order to leverage the power of GNSS for access control and position attestation applications, it is necessary to develop a GNSS receiver technology that is able to provide an acceptable level of intractability towards known and future attacks.

Development of such technology not only provides a platform for the target mass-market application, an access control token, but also ensures the development of European intellectual property that can be leveraged for a myriad of security applications and future research, presenting a significant market opportunity.


The TIGER consortium is committed to pursuing the following project objectives:

  • to develop innovative GNSS signal authenticity and quality validation methods that can be used for the first generation of the technology, and methods/strategies for exploitation of Galileo and other future GNSS in future iterations of the technology;
  • to develop metrics used to quantify signal authenticity and quality, so that the trustworthiness of a navigation solution can be determined. The metrics will be made openly available;
  • to build a prototype access control token and supporting application that will demonstrate the potentials of the technology for the target market and provide significant market opportunity.

The objectives regarding the prototype and supporting application are:

  • to implement location-based access control and attestation functionalities;
  • to implement signal validation functions that use defined metrics to quantify the trustworthiness of the navigation solution;
  • to include development of security protocols, which will be made openly available.
Alessandro Pozzobon
Qascom S.r.l.
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EUSPA Project Officer: 
Boris Kennes
Total Cost: 
389 986 €
EU Contributions: 
301 011 €
Project Call: 
FP7 1st Call
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Work performed & results

Results are expected in mid 2010. The main outcome will be the USB TIGER token that will provide location-based access control, geo-encryption and attestation functionalities.
The TIGER token will provide seamless integration with a myriad of commonly used software like email programs, virtual private network, operative system login, file system encryption, etc. adding the location and time factor.
Such services provide many benefits including the reduction of information leakage, enforcement of information security policy and higher quality auditing.

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