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The EU Space Academy Learning Platform offers enthusiastic entrepreneurs a free and customisable online development programme tailored to their unique goals.

Motivated to shake up your industry by employing the latest in space data? You’ve come to the right place.
Our academy brings you:


An introduction
Guerric de Crombrugghe

Guerric de Crombrugghe is an enthusiastic and self-driven expert in aerospace, including aeroplanes, drones, rockets, satellites, and their applications, with an emphasis on company growth and innovation. He launched ScanWorld, a hyperspectral images and analytics company, in 2020. He now works as Chief Product Officer at ConstellR with the goal of creating a European champion in satellite photography for agriculture.

Frank de Jong

Frank de Jong is a tech enthusiast with over 30 years of experience as a hard- and software developer, and project manager. Frank has been a Business Innovation consultant at Orange for several years, leading the Smart Industry practice. He is now working as a Tech Evangelist and Program Director of Edge Computing in the CTO office of Orange.

Dr. Ingo Baumann

Ingo Baumann is a co-founding partner of BHO Legal, a boutique space and technology law. With more than 20 years of professional experience, Dr Baumann is an expert advisor in the geospatial, R&D and defence sectors. He is a member of various professional organisations such as the International Institute of Space Law

Ginny Radmall
Ginny Radmall

Ginny Radmall is a start-up coach providing personalised group coaching, 1-1’s and online training. She has worked with some of the biggest tech companies in the world such as Microsoft, Google and Salesforce. Her start-up experience extends to Accelerator Programmes such as Techstars, Google for Startups, and others.

Claus Nehmzou

Claus Nehmzou has more than 30 years of experience in business development for multinational companies across diverse industries. Claus specialises in emerging technology, and he is the founder and CEO of a gamified online education start-up in Hong Kong. He is renowned for his innovative approaches and valued for his business and technology insights.

& Mentors
Steve Spittle
Steve Spittle

Steve Spittle is CTO and Co-Founder of GlobalTrust, an innovative space and sustainability start-up focused on using the power of satellites to develop and deliver sustainability strategies. Steve leads and implements the companies' technology strategy, products, and services. He has been a technical and business mentor for satellite start-up companies across Europe.

Piotr Bucki

Piotr Bucki works with companies big and small, local, and global, offering them support with communication strategies. Piotr combines different inspirations to come up with new solutions. He also teaches and trains in a wide range of communication areas such as marketing, PR, and branding to support entrepreneurs in their project. 

Miquel Garcia-Fernandez

Miquel Garcia-Fernandez is a research engineer in the GNSS field with more than 15 years of experience. His experience covers mainly the development and implementation of algorithms and models for navigation and atmospheric sounding using GNSS. He has worked in international institutions such as NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). He is co-founder and technical director at Rokubun S.L.

Bruce Hannah

Bruce Hannah has almost 20 years at the forefront of satellite technology application. Bruce has been active in the areas of Satellite Ground-Infrastructure development, SatComs, Global Navigation Satellite Systems, EO and has mentored the next generation of Space entrepreneurs.

Kevin Mascarenhas

Kevin Mascarenhas has almost 25 years of systems thinking design work implemented in IT & Computing software in the financial, consulting and engineering sectors. Kevin has over 400 hours of mentoring and specialises in supporting founders transform into CEOs with powerful coaching model. Most recently, he founded Natural Flow Consultancy to provide a whole systems approach to leading and developing business propositions in the tech start up space.  


Any person of legal age who resides in an EU Member State, Norway or Switzerland.

Register anytime during the academy by clicking at the courses on our website. 

No, not at all. We encourage anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship and EU space data and signals to participate in the academy. You can learn about the opportunities of the downstream sector and business practices to create a successful start-up.

Yes, there is no requirement as such for participation in the EU Space Academy Learning Platform. Although the course is aimed at entrepreneurs within the space sector, the lessons are designed so any interested person regardless of their background can find modules of interest.

No, you can register to the online programme anytime! Once you registered, you will gain access to all the available courses that you can watch at your own convenience. 

Each member of your team can individually join and benefit from the academy. 

No, you can watch the lessons in your preferred order.

Yes, you will get a certificate after completing the academy. Additionally, after the completion of each course, you can download a completion badge and share it with your network.

Yes, feel free to join all the courses you like.

Depending on the lesson, follow-up sessions are workshops, office hours or mentoring sessions, that become available after the release of each lesson.

You can view the schedule on the website and register for the session on the learning platform.

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You can book up to 4 mentoring sessions, either with the same mentor or different ones. Note that places are limited and mentor availability cannot be guaranteed

Please note that the mentoring sessions are currently closed