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The EUSPA Space Academy offers enthusiastic entrepreneurs a free and customisable online development programme tailored to their unique goals.

Motivated to shake up your industry by employing the latest in space data? You’ve come to the right place.
Our academy brings you:


An introduction
Sven Przywarra

Sven Przywarra is a co-founder of LiveEO. Sven is leading a team of more than 90 people working on bringing the insights of earth observation to utility enterprises. He is convinced that earth observation will have a positive impact on every major industry within the next 10 years.

Martin Giese
Martin Giese

Martin Giese is a startup coach and active business angel in leading incubators. He regularly lectures on fundraising negotiations, entrepreneurial leadership and business model incubation in leading academic programs.He is author of two guidebooks for startups on startup fundraising and B2B sales.

Waldemar Franczak

Waldemar Franczak is a co-creator and CEO of Spectator.Earth, a platform to speed up the process of bringing satellite image-based intelligence to everyone’s everyday life. After a master's degree in Computer Vision and Robotics, Waldemar moved to the Satellite Earth Observation industry. He is a former stagiaire at ESA Advanced Concepts Team and Head of Technology at the award-winning Earth Observation company Astrosat. 

Norbert Frischauf

Norbert Frischauf is a Chief Technologist at SpaceTec Partners with more than 13 years of management consulting experience. Norbert is a science journalist at the Austrian National television and technology strategist in EC, EUSPA, GJU, and ESA. He has a scientific and technological background ranging from high energy physics, IT, aviation, and aerospace to space systems engineering.

& Mentors
Désiré Nzengou

Désiré Nzengou is an entrepreneur helping innovators build digital products that people love, and bring them to the market. Désiré has a particular flair for AI, blockchain, quantum and AR technologies applied to business. He is involved in the space Tech (GNSS and EO) industry -downstream segment- and the healthcare sector.

Maria Gross
Maria Gross

Maria Gross is driven by change. She studied non-profit management and started her career at Daimler. Maria worked for different accelerators & incubators. She joined GERMANTECH as the Managing Director where she loves bringing together diverse stakeholders to learn from each other and work on a sustainable future.

Thomas Tanghe

Thomas Tanghe is one of the Partners at SpaceTec Partners, with over 10 years of experience in consulting, leading the innovation advisory practice. He is author of several reports about access to finance, innovation financing and alternative financing of the space industry. 

Dushinka Karani

Dushinka Karani is an expert in marketing, communications, innovation, sales, and trade marketing. Dushinka worked as a Marketing Director for multinational companies, and she is now the Global Marketing Director at FundigBox. She helps SMEs and start-ups in shaping and scaling their tech solutions.

Henk Kok
Henk Kok

Henk Kok is the CEO and founder of Xablu, a company bridging the gap between Tech and Market. He is known for his strategic vision on developing and marketing Cloud Enabled Services like mobile applications. 


Any person of legal age who resides in an EU Member State, Norway or Switzerland.

Register anytime during the academy by clicking at the courses on our website. 

No, not at all. We encourage anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship and EU space data and signals to participate in the academy. You can learn about the opportunities of the downstream sector and business practices to create a successful start-up.

Yes, there is no requirement as such for participation in the EUSPA Space Academy. Although the course is aimed for entrepreneurs within the space sector, the training is designed so any interested person regardless of their background can find modules of interest.

No, you can register to the online programme anytime! Once you registered, you will gain access to all the available courses that you can watch at your own convenience. 

Each member of your team can individually join and benefit from the academy. 

No, you can watch the trainings in your preferred order.

Yes, you will get a certificate after completing the academy. Additionally, after the completion of each course, you can download a completion badge and share it with your network.

Yes, feel free to join all the courses you like.

Depending on the training, follow-up sessions are workshops, office hours or mentoring sessions, that become available after the release of each training.

You can view the schedule on the website and register for the session on the learning platform.

Please note that the mentoring, workshop & office hour sessions are currently closed

You can book up to 4 mentoring sessions, either with the same mentor or different ones. Note that places are limited and mentor availability cannot be guaranteed

Please note that the mentoring sessions are currently closed