EUSPA Visual Identity

This page is to help partner organisations and contractors of EUSPA understand how to use EUSPA's logo and visual identity.

Official name: European Union Agency for the Space Programme

Acronym: EUSPA

EUSPA Graphic Chart

The EUSPA Graphic Chart is a full manual on the visual identity of EUSPA. The document establishes the basic principles to be applied to the entire range of communication products. 

EUSPA Graphic Chart  Download PDF


The EUSPA logo can be downloaded in all its variations. The zip files below contain all colour versions of the logo with full official name and with acronym only in formats for digital and printed production.

EUSPA Logo with official full name (all versions)  Download Zip File

EUSPA Logo with acronym only (all versions)  Download Zip File

#EUSpace and EU Flag

The #EUSpace hashtag and EU flag appear together with EUSPA logo on digital content as well as printed production, and are in principle part of EUSPA’s visual identity. Please consult our graphic chart above for more information. The zip file below contains all colour versions and formats of the #EUSpace hashtag together with EU flag for digital and printed production.

#EUSpace + EU flag (all versions)  Download Zip File

EUSPA Promo Pack

As an EU Space collaborator, we would like to assist you in the promotion of EUSPA and our services. In our Promo Pack you will find useful links, graphic materials and our social media handles for a wider reach across the EU Space ecosystem.

EUSPA Promo Pack  Download PDF

Support Materials for Events

EUSPA Roll-ups  Download Zip File

European Commission Logo

For the use of the EC logo please consult the following EC guidelines: The visual identity of the European Commission.

Updated: Oct 03, 2023