Galileo offers the following high-performance services worldwide:

Open Service (OS)

The OS enables free-of-charge navigation, positioning and timing services to European citizens and users around the world. It is the service used by, for example, smartphones and vehicle navigation systems.

High Accuracy Service (HAS)

The free, globally available high-accuracy positioning service is aimed at applications requiring higher performance than what is offered by the Galileo OS.

Public Regulated Service (PRS) 

The Galileo PRS is an encrypted navigation service for governmental authorised users and sensitive applications that require high continuity.

Search and Rescue Service (SAR)

The Galileo SAR service contributes to lifesaving missions by swiftly relaying radio beacon distress signals to relevant SAR crews by means of dedicated payloads on board Galileo satellites, which are supported by three ground stations strategically deployed across Europe.

New services are under development:

Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OSNMA) 

Free access service that complements the OS by delivering authentication data, assuring users that the received Galileo navigation message comes from the system itself and has not been modified.

Commercial Authentication Service (CAS)

It will enable an authenticated positioning service by complementing the OSNMA with E6 based ranging authentication capabilities targeting to support civil applications.

Galileo Emergency Warning Satellite Service (EWSS)

Swiftly broadcasts alerts globally, allowing national civil protection authorities to directly transmit to smartphones (or any Galileo-enabled devices) for enhanced emergency response and resilient risk management.