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In 2022, EU leaders identified space as a strategic domain in the Strategic Compass and called for an EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence. Building on this political momentum, the Commission and the High Representative have developed the first-ever EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence

In the current geopolitical context of increasing power competition and intensification of threats, the EU is taking action to protect its space assets, defend its interests, deter hostile activities in space and strengthen its strategic posture and autonomy.

In the light of this, the European Commission and EUSPA are spearheading the formation of the EU Space Information Sharing Centre (ISAC). This network-based information-sharing platform promotes collaboration, awareness and best practices among private entities to ensure the safety of our space systems and the networks they rely on.

Why Participate?

  • Stay Informed: engage in information sharing about security-related information, incidents*, cyber trends, vulnerabilities, and threats.
  • Stay Ahead: benefit from early warning systems, getting timely alerts on security threats, enabling swift responses.
  • Develop Together: enhance collective cybersecurity resilience through knowledge sharing, best practices, and expertise pooling.
  • Access Expertise: engage with cybersecurity experts, public sector agencies, and other stakeholders for guidance and support.
  • Network: build connections with industry peers and public partners, fostering collaborative solutions to common challenges.

Founding Members

PrometheeSatlantisTASTecnobit-Grupo Oesía

Who Can Join?

  • Founding Participants: those dedicated to shaping the governance of EU Space ISAC. They play a pivotal role in its inception, driving its initial activities and promoting wider participation.
  • Members: private entities from the EU Space sector, EU academic institutions, and other recognized institutions contributing space sector security knowledge 
  • Public Partners: entities like EU institutions, bodies and agencies, European Space Agency, national space agencies, and National Computer Emergency Response Teams.

How to Join? Where can I find more details? 

EC and EUSPA will regularly publish calls to join the EU Space ISAC. All calls will be available on this page. 

See the Call for Interest document for more details and join us in shaping the future of space security.

Call for Interests Timeline:

The calls are open until 31 October 2025 with cut-off dates on:

  • 3 November 2023, 23:59 CET (for those applying as Founding Participants only)
  • 29 December 2023 
  • 30 April 2024
  • 31 October 2024
  • 30 April 2025
  • 31 October 2025

Please read the full text of the Call of Expression of Interest before applying, especially to understand expectations towards Founding Participants and to be aware of eligibility criteria.

Applications shall be submitted in English to EUSPA at and to the European Commission at with ‘Call for Expression of Interest – EU SPACE ISAC’ in the subject line, together with the requested application documents.

Download and fill in the suitable Legal Entity forms.

The EU Space ISAC is established by the EC, with support of EUSPA, under the umbrella of the EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence (EUSSSD), aligning with other EU security initiatives such as the Network and Information Security (NIS) 2 Directive and the Critical Entities Resilience (CER) Directive.

* The EU Space ISAC is not an incident response body. Each member remains responsible for their security incident responses