Secure SATCOM is a fundamental communications layer enabling security- and safety-critical missions and operations, including crisis management, land and border surveillance and protection of the key infrastructure across the whole EU economy sectors.

The satellite communications sector has witnessed profound transformation driven by new market entrants and the emergence of multi-orbital constellations catering to diverse user demands in fixed, mobile, aero, and maritime applications. Innovations in satellite technology have led to higher throughput, lower latency services and enhanced security. This revolution is happening thanks to many novelties in the ground and space segments: new manufacturing methods, the introduction of higher frequency bands, the development and deployment of Very High-Throughput Satellite (VHTS) Systems in all orbits (GEO, MEO, LEO), the implementation of new technologies enabling very high and efficient configurability of communication payloads and their ground segment and the rise of optical communications and quantum encryption techniques. This development of cutting-edge technologies in novel space and ground segment systems has boosted innovative applications that agile New Space players are embracing to implement services benefiting multiple vertical market segments in both the public and private sectors.

Considering the increase of geopolitical instability, climate change disasters and the uprising of cyber threats, Secure SATCOM is an essential layer more relevant than ever to enable and ensure the continuity of services across all the vertical markets for governments and businesses in the EU with an augmented resilience and security., As a consequence of this significant increase in the overall challenges faced, the demand for secure SATCOM is on the rise. 

In particular, the use of SATCOM supporting Crisis Management, Surveillance, and Key Infrastructure in the EU is estimated to increase by a factor of 14 between 2025 and 2040, reaching around 186 Gbps by 2040 (Fixed Satellite Services only).

EUSPA Secure SATCOM Report

The EU is working on the deployment of the GOVSATCOM Hub, a unique innovative critical infrastructure of this secure SATCOM layer in charge of orchestrating the sharing and polling of key secure communication capabilities, including the space asset resources from the ambitious IRIS2, the new EU Secure Connectivity Programme. GOVSATCOM Hub coupled with IRIS2 will provide new innovative and essential secure satellite communication pillars to the EU Member States to efficiently address the growing demands of secure applications mentioned and complement those of the existing EU Space Programme components for Navigation (Galileo and EGNOS), Earth Observation (Copernicus) and Space Situational Awareness.