EU Space market and users

The EU Space market is growing – and growing fast. In fact, GNSS and EO combined global revenues are set to increase from more than EUR 260 billion in 2023 to nearly EUR 590 billion by 2033. Meanwhile, the demand for the Secure SATCOM services is expected to grow by a factor of 14 over the 2025–2040 period, to reach almost 190 Gbps in 2040.

That’s good news for the EU, whose economic recovery and resilience stands to benefit greatly from the market adoption of EU Space technologies. It’s also good news for citizens and businesses, both of whom increasingly rely on space-based data and services.  

Helping drive this market growth is EUSPA.

As the only EU agency dedicated to space, EUSPA serves as the essential link between space technology and user needs – a role that sees it translating the EU’s investment in space into valuable, reliable services for European citizens and companies.  

Market development starts with market intelligence

As the go-to-source for all things related to the EU Space Programme, EUSPA has a well-earned reputation for being a trusted provider of insightful information and expertise that policymakers, entrepreneurs and major corporations can rely on. 

Our ever-growing library of publications includes such titles as the GNSS Investment Report, the EU Space for Green Transformation Report, the Secure SATCOM Market and User Technology Report and the EO and GNSS Market Report. 

Funding market growth

Our market development work doesn’t stop with market intelligence. We also support the development of a robust, globally competitive EU Space market by organising various funding initiatives. 

  • Through our Horizon Europe Calls, we actively stimulate the market development of the EU Space downstream sector, support the uptake of space-based solutions and help ensure the competitiveness of the EU Space industry.
  • The Fundamental Elements R&D funding mechanism, which is designed to support the development of innovative chipset, antenna and receiver technologies, plays a key role in EUSPA’s mission of driving the development and market uptake of Galileo-enabled receivers.

EUSPA is leading a series of initiatives to boost the opportunities for space start-ups to succeed thanks to technical and business support, and to accelerate their growth and scale-up by attracting more private investors.