What is Secure SATCOM?

Secure Satellite Communications (SATCOM) ensures that end-to-end satcom communications are protected and monitored following the highest resilience, integrity, availability and reliability standards. SATCOM capabilities embedded with added protection mechanisms (Secure SATCOM) offer an additional layer of resilience, along with robust security features, to guarantee assured access by authorised users only no matter where the service or mission takes place, and whether mobile or fixed.

Secure SATCOM uses a combination of satellites and ground stations to transmit and relay information from one user to another. However, they are designed with enhanced security features at space and ground levels to protect sensitive information and ensure integrity, protection and availability at the highest levels to ensure the most trustable end-to-end communications in the most critical situations.

By providing highly secured two-way reliable, accessible and guaranteed satellite communication capacity and services, Secure SATCOM enhances protection against interference, interception and intrusion – critical for the daily services of the EU economy in many vertical markets as well as in the domains of defence, security, humanitarian and emergency response and diplomatic related communications where this Secure SATCOM layer is essential in particular in crisis situations.