European GNSS Service Centre

The European GNSS Service Centre (GSC) is an integral part of the European GNSS infrastructure and provides the single interface between the Galileo system and the users of Galileo Services, including Open (OS) and High Accuracy (HAS) services.

The GSC serves the user community via a web portal and user Helpdesk. This one-stop-shop portal provides Galileo users with relevant information on the system’s status and easy access to the dedicated Helpdesk. In addition, Service Notices and NAGUs (Notice Advisory to Galileo Users) are provided to registered users about events affecting the Galileo services. 

The GSC provides, among others, a centre of expertise for aspects related to the Galileo, an electronic library including Programme reference documentation for the Galileo services, the HAS Internet Data Distribution interface, the Galileo satellite metadata and the Galileo single-frequency ionospheric correction algorithms. 

EUSPA is responsible for the GSC. The centre is hosted in Spain, which provides the Galileo Programme with the necessary hosting GSC infrastructure and facilities.

The GSC is located in a fully secured environment in Madrid, Spain, within the National Institute of Aerospace Technologies (INTA) facilities at Torrejón de Ardoz, overseen by the Spanish Ministry of Defence. The agreement for the location of the Centre in Spain was signed in May 2011 by the European Commission and the Government of Spain, and it was published in the Official Journal of the EU in February 2012.

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