What we offer

At EUSPA, we provide an exciting multicultural work environment where you can gain valuable experience on the European Union Space Programme. Our competitive remuneration and comprehensive welfare package ensure that you have the support you need. Please note that working conditions are subject to the EU Staff Regulation. Learn more about our working conditions and benefits today.

Type of contract

EUSPA offers two types of contracts for staff positions: temporary and contract agents. Both are  offered a contract for 5 years, renewable for another 5 years and then for an indefinite period. They serve a 9-month probationary period.

Temporary agents are classified into two function groups based on duties and responsibilities:

  • Administrators function group (AD) covers twelve grades from AD 5 to AD 16 corresponding to technical, administrative, advisory, linguistic and scientific duties.
  • Assistants function group (AST) covers eleven grades from AST 1 to AST 11 corresponding to executive, technical and clerical duties.

Contract agents carry out several manual or administrative tasks and may provide additional capacity in specialized fields and are classified into four function groups according to the duties and responsibilities:

  • Function group I: administrative support service tasks
  • Function group II: secretarial tasks and office management tasks
  • Function group III: executive, drafting and accountancy and tasks
  • Function group IV: administrative, advisory, and linguistic tasks


The Agency provides university students and graduates with a unique and first-hand experience of the workings of the EUSPA, in particular, and of the EU institutions in general.

Currently, there are two types of traineeships:

  • Regular paid traineeship (maximum duration twelve months) for which EUSPA publishes calls for various departments. The eligible applications are evaluated regularly. The starting date of the traineeship depends on the Agency’s needs and budget availability. 
  • Short-term unpaid traineeship to complete and validate mandatory academic requirements (maximum duration of three months). 

Seconded National Experts 

Staff from Public Administrations can work at EUSPA as ‘Seconded National Experts’ (SNEs). SNEs are seconded to the Agency while remaining in the service of their national employer and continuing to be paid their national salary by their employer. They receive from the Agency a daily subsistence allowance per calendar day for the duration of their secondment.

Salaries & allowances

As an EU Agency, EUSPA offers a competitive salary. The primary component is the basic salary. The amount varies depending on the staff category, grade, and step. The advertised grade is influenced by the level of functions of the job, the relevant professional experience, qualifications and skills.

Several allowances may be added to the salary depending on personal circumstances:

  • Family benefits (household, dependent child, education allowances, etc.).
  • Entry into service benefits and mobility allowances (expatriation, foreign residence, daily subsistence, travel, removal reimbursement, etc.).
  • Other benefits (annual travel, ...).
  • Standby duty, shift or managerial allowance
  • End of service (resettlement, etc.)

A deduction is also made from the salary at source – social security contributions (pension, health insurance, accident cover, unemployment insurance) and taxes.

EUSPA salaries are exempt from national income tax in EU Member States.

The pay is weighted by applying a correction coefficient based on the cost of living in the country of employment.

Working conditions & work-life balance

EUSPA offers its staff flexible working arrangements, which allow to vary the time of start and end of a working day and offset or recuperate additional hours worked.

At EUSPA we realise the importance of maintaining a balance between the advantages of working from home and the need for regular face-to-face contact in the office to build both working and social relationships. Therefore, following relocation we offer different options to telework under certain conditions.

We also offer the possibility to work part-time, 50%-95% of normal working hours.

Specific situations counted as working time include working trips/missions, training, annual medical visit and breastfeeding time.


The staff members are entitled to an average of 16 days of public holidays and annual leave of 2 days per month of service, giving a minimum of 24 working days per year plus additional leave for age and grade

Staff Members who are entitled to the expatriation or foreign residence allowance receive 2.5 days of supplementary home leave every year.

Special types of leave can be granted in exceptional situations and are to be taken at the time of a specific event: maternity/paternity leave, adoption or birth of child, marriage, moving, elections, sickness of relatives, parental or family leave.

Learning & development opportunities

Working for EUSPA means a long-term opportunity for professional and personal growth. 

EUSPA offers a wide range of training courses aimed at developing staff members’ skills and keeping them abreast with the latest developments in their field. Additionally, the agency provides training in transversal skills, including leadership and strategic management, diversity and inclusion, ethics, resilience, and languages, etc.

The training and professional development opportunities are attuned to the role and requirements of the departments.

International and European schools

EUSPA covers tuition and related education fees for the staff children in the wide range of contracted international schools and European schools, within its multilingual tuition scheme.

Health benefits

Staff members are covered 24/7 and worldwide by the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS) on a primary basis. 

Staff members are insured against sickness, accident and occupational disease. 

Under certain conditions, coverage can be extended to dependent spouses/registered partners and children.

Social benefits

The pension scheme provides a very competitive pension after a minimum of 10 years of service and reaching the retirement. Pension rights acquired in one or more national schemes before starting to work at EUSPA or international organisations may be transferred into the EU pension system.

Depending on the situation, staff members could be entitled to an invalidity allowance or an unemployment allowance, as former temporary or contract agents.