Press FAQs

Can I request an interview with a representative from EUSPA?

We welcome interview requests from journalists. Please reach out to and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Does EUSPA offer media resources for use in publications?

Yes, we provide media resources. Please visit our media library and press resources page. For the lawful use of our media resources, please refer to our Copyright Notice and Terms of Use.

Is there a media kit available?

Yes, we have a media kit available upon request, which includes background information, key facts, and other resources about EUSPA. Please contact 

How can I stay updated on news and developments from EUSPA?

You can sign up for our occasional press release here. We also invite you to subscribe to our weekly Watch This Space newsletter and follow us on social media. 

Does EUSPA host press events or briefings?

Yes, we occasionally host press events and briefings. Information about upcoming events will be posted in the pressroom and our events page.

Is there a specific protocol for citing or referencing EUSPA in news articles?

When citing or referencing EUSPA, please ensure that information is attributed correctly and in context. If you have specific questions or need further clarification, please contact

How can I contact the European Commission?

The Spokesperson's Service (SPP) is the official voice of the European Commission vis-à-vis the media. Johanna Bernsel is the spokesperson for the defense industry and space. Contact details are available here.