Working at EUSPA

Multi-site agency

The EUSPA HQ is based in Prague, Czech Republic, while we also have centres in Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Toulouse (France), Noordwijk (The Netherlands), and Torrejon de Ardoz and San Martin de la Vega (Spain). 

Prague is a vibrant and multicultural city, bridging East and West. Our building is close to the historical centre - easy to reach on foot or by public transport.

Diverse, inclusive and respectful environment

Diversity is one of the core values of the Agency. As an EU institution, we endeavour to foster a diverse and inclusive talent/skill pool and provide equal opportunities for all. 

The EUSPA Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan was adopted in June 2023. It sets out the key actions planned around diversity and inclusion at the agency from the bi-annual perspective. EUSPA is also a signatory of the EUAN Charter on Diversity and Inclusion.

EUSPA is also committed to preventing and condemning any form of harassment through its policy on protecting the dignity of the person and preventing psychological and sexual harassment, of which fundamental elements are an active network of Confidential Counsellors and awareness campaigns.

Onboarding & induction 

At EUSPA, the onboarding phase starts with the acceptance of the offer letter. During this process, several essential steps are undertaken: 

  • Collection of documents and forms: newcomers are required to provide necessary documentation and complete relevant forms. This step is essential as it precedes the preparation of the employment contract. Without completion of this process, the employment contract cannot be prepared. 
  • Pre-recruitment medical visit: newcomers undergo a pre-recruitment medical examination prior to their starting date organized by the Agency.
  • Preparation of employment contract: the entire process can take approx. 30 days.
  • Establishment of financial rights and entitlements.

Throughout this process, newcomers maintain communication with the HR team and a designated HR contact point.

Before the start date, newcomers will receive practical instructions regarding their presence on the first day, along with an induction plan indicating all mandatory sessions and meetings scheduled for the initial weeks at EUSPA. 

The Agency provides a comprehensive induction process to foster newcomers’ integration into the team, provide insight into the operational procedures and the Agency’s culture, and facilitate a seamless transition into their new roles. 

As a European Union Agency, EUSPA has hosting agreements concluded with EU member states where it operates. Some privileges might be granted depending on the country.  

Outside activity and management of conflict of interest

Under the Staff Regulations and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the EU, an agent wishing to engage in an outside activity (while in active service, after leaving EUSPA]) shall first obtain the approval of the Appointing Authority.

An outside activity while in active service means any activity, paid or unpaid, that:

  • is not part of the staff member’s duties at the Agency and
  • cannot reasonably be considered a hobby or leisure activity

At a practical level, such an outside activity while in active service should not: 

  • be so time-consuming as to impact negatively on their work at the Agency or constitute a job in itself; 
  • give rise to any possible appearance of a conflict of interest or be in some other way discreditable, to risk bringing the Agency into disrepute; 
  • the amount of net remuneration should not be more than €10.000 per calendar year; 
  • no outside work may be performed either on the premises of the Agency or during normal working hours.