Open Service (OS)

The free and publicly available Open Service improves the accuracy of such GNSS systems as GPS and, soon, Galileo. In fact, continuous monitoring of the EGNOS open signal has shown that it improves the accuracy of GPS to within 1 – 2 metres and is available 99% of the time. In comparison, someone using a GPS receiver that is not EGNOS-enabled will typically get position errors around 5 meters in open sky conditions.This level of accuracy makes the service ideal for mass-market receivers and everyday applications, including those used for personal navigation, the tracking of goods and precision farming. 

To provide their customers with the benefits of this improved level of performance, all receiver manufacturers and application developers have to do is add EGNOS capability to their products. No authorisation or receiver-specific certification is required.

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EGNOS Data Access Service (EDAS)

EDAS offers ground-based access to EGNOS data through the internet on a controlled access basis. As a result, users can access the same data broadcast by the EGNOS satellites (EGNOS Message) in near real-time.

In addition to the EGNOS Message, the service also provides GPS and GLONASS measurements at all stations in the EGNOS monitoring network, as well as DGNSS corrections and RTK messages. Data is provided to EDAS users upon registration.

EDAS serves as the single point of access for the data collected and generated by the EGNOS ground infrastructure, namely the Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Stations (RIMS) and Navigation Land Earth Stations (NLES) that are distributed across Europe and North Africa.

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Safety of Life (SoL) Service

When human lives depend on the use of GNSS signals, the EGNOS SoL Service provides the necessary level of accuracy, integrity and continuity of service. Available since 2011, the SoL Service is primarily geared towards civil aviation and such applications as localiser performance with vertical guidance (LPV) operations, enabling precision approaches down to 200 feet for equipped aircrafts. Beyond aviation, the service has potential applicability to a wide range of market segments, including maritime, rail and road.

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Satefy of Life Assisted Service for Maritime users (ESMAS)

Satefy of Life Service Assisted for Maritime users (ESMAS) offers a service tailored to maritime users facilitating marine navigation in harbour entrances, harbour approaches and coastal waters of the European Union Member States and EGNOS contributing countries (Island, Norway and Switzerland) in line with IMO Resolution A.1046. 

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